CNET Content Solutions Recreates In-Store Shopper Experience with Augmented Reality and 3D Models

Fri, 09/25/2020

September 25, 2020 - CNET Content Solutions announced the addition of Augmented Reality (AR) functionality and 3D Models to their syndicated rich content feature set. Augmented Reality enables online shoppers to visualize the products they're interested in buying before they purchase them.

Social Media Today in February 2020 reported the following:

  • 77% of online shoppers prefer to use AR capabilities to preview product variations such as color or style differences
  • 63% say AR would improve their shopping experience
  • 61% prefer to make their purchases on sites that offer AR technology
  • 40% said they'd pay a higher price for products they could preview through AR

The main features of CNET Content Solutions’ Augmented Reality functionality include its delivery on mobile devices, the ability to give the customer an opportunity to view the product directly in their personal environment, and the scalability of the 3D object so the consumer gets a real sense of how the product will fit in their space.

Augmented reality uniquely caters to something most online shoppers especially want from ecommerce sites: an immersive personalized experience.

CNET Content Solutions has also added 3D Models to their syndicated rich content. 3D Models are rendered models that consumers can spin and zoom in on to see more accurate detail of the product. This enables consumers to fully interact and see all aspects of the product and is supported on desktop and mobile.

“Augmented Reality and 3D Models are more important than ever. Shoppers are not able to go in-store to look at products first hand due to Covid-19 restrictions,” says CNET Content Solutions Sr. Product Director, Josh Glasser. “We are excited to help shoppers by adding this new and highly interactive content to our already extensive list of rich content components that are syndicated to over 1,000 retailers globally.” AR and 3D Models have been implemented for select Microsoft Xbox Controller SKUs with more brands starting to syndicate these features soon.

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CNET Content Solutions Media Contact:
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