ChannelOnline 5.6 Release Brings Users More Custom Features

Thu, 12/01/2011

On Friday, December 2, 2011, ChannelOnline, a CNET Content Solutions product, released version 5.6. The 5.6 release marks a significant change in the appearance of the application, adding customization features to the administrative dashboard and the ecommerce store. ChannelOnline has also made some minor backend changes to improve overall functionality.

ChannelOnline clients have used the sales automation tool over the last decade for pricing availability and procurement functionality, but have wanted more when it came to the ecommerce store. The 5.6 release meets these client demands by providing an array of custom design features that will aid them in creating a custom look and feel for their customer-facing ecommerce stores. The new version allows for affiliated business logo placement, featured product and advertising carousals, custom color schemes and design features, social share links, tabbed pages and custom module placement on store pages.

Along with appearance improvements, ChannelOnline 5.6 offers two new supplier catalog integrations: Netria Corporation, a second-sourcing distributor specializing in hard to find or discontinued IT products, and Core 3 Technologies, a value-added distributor of computer hardware and networking equipment, providing its customers access to millions in excess inventory from U.S. bi-coastal distribution centers.

The 5.6 release is the result of ChannelOnline’s continued dedication to product improvement and client satisfaction. Keith Wilson, Product Director of ChannelOnline, says, “We are excited to bring our clients the improvements to the ChannelOnline application that they have been asking for and are looking forward to seeing how these improvements will lead to greater gains in our clients’ product sales and end customer satisfaction.”

ChannelOnline, founded in 2001, is the leading sales-cycle automation solution in the industry. Existing customers, please contact ChannelOnline customer service at if you have any questions or want to learn more about the new functionality. If you are a reseller interested in learning how ChannelOnline can help you run a more efficient and successful business, please contact a ChannelOnline representative at 877.276.5560 or

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