CNET Content Solutions is Now the Authorized Content Provider for Asus

Mon, 07/01/2019

San Francisco, CA – July 1, 2019 – CNET Content Solutions is now the authorized syndication provider for rich digital merchandising content for ASUS products. This content is available in North America and includes detailed images and copy, videos, 360° spins, product hotspots, feature spotlights, comparison tables, user guides, and more.

CNET Content Solutions content syndication platform, ContentCast, enables manufacturers of all categories of products to build out specialized custom content for their products and distribute that content to their retailer partners seamlessly and in near real-time. This eliminates the need for manufacturers and brands to reach out with their product assets to each retailer partner individually and hope that their content gets displayed properly. By adding a single snippet of html code to their product pages, a retailer can display engaging content directly from the brand or manufacturer without excessive internal overhead costs and resources.


ASUS has joined the list of over 500 brands that are building out product content with CNET Content Solutions’ ContentCast. 

Retailers, please contact ContentCast support to start syndicating ASUS product content on your ecommerce sites. Brands who are interested in syndicating content with ContentCast, please reach out to our ContentCast Sales team.

CNET Content Solutions Media Contact:
Debbie Andrews - Vice President, Products