CNET Editorial Content Now Available for Syndication in AU

Sun, 06/18/2017

Display CNET expert reviews and help consumers make their purchasing decisions.

63% of consumers indicate they are more likely to purchase from a site if it has product ratings and reviews.

iPerceptions Study, CompUSA

ContentCast is excited to announce the launch of CNET expert reviews now available for syndication in the AU market. This is in addition to what we have been offering in the North American market successfully for several years displayed on leading retailer sites.

Join leading manufacturers like HP, Sony, Microsoft, Vizio etc. and enhance your brand in the channel.

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CNET Reviews - Overview

The CNET product reviews team recognizes tech and consumer electronics of the highest quality, design and performance with its CNET Editors’ Choice award. It's the seal of approval consumers look for when shopping for gadgets. Products bearing the CNET Editors’ Choice graphic have been rigorously tested and carefully evaluated by their expert editors. The award is the hallmark of good product performance and value, and it signifies a product that is the best of breed in its category.

What editorial content is available for Syndication?

  • CNET First Look Videos - a quick video by the CNET editor highlighting the key product features
  • The Good, Bad and Bottom Line summary text
  • CNET Editors Star Rating along with individual scores for design, features, performance etc.
  • CNET Editors Choice Badge - if available

Why CNET Reviews?

In addition to displaying the CNET credibility to your brand/product page, expert reviews contribute to an increased user engagement and attach rates. Based on an A/B test performed by CNET on a leading US retailer, CNET reviews contributed to:

  • 2X increase in revenue per visit
  • 252% increase in add to cart rates
  • 12% increase in order conversion rate
  • 45 seconds increase in time spent on page


As more and more consumers seek guidance from trusted third parties, ContentCast allows you to take the lead on enabling your users to click the buy button.

CNET is one of the most visited/popular gadget websites with more than 70 million unique visitors globally per month. Partner with us and deliver the most sought after content directly to consumers when they are finalizing their purchasing decision.


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