ChannelOnline 6.3 Increases Efficiency for Invoicing and Service & Labor Processing

Thu, 11/06/2014

Released on November 7, 2014, ChannelOnline 6.3 improves upon its already robust feature set. Among the updates are improvements to invoice workflow, enhanced functionality for service and labor items, and the update of one of ChannelOnline’s integrated suppliers.

Big improvements were made to invoice creation and processing in ChannelOnline, including better item linking between documents. Invoices can now be created by selecting a individual line(s) from a sales order or the entire order through a simple 'Create Invoice' button. Also, users are now able to record and track payments to an invoice within the new Payment Window.

ChannelOnline has improved the functionality of service and labor items in the system. Service and labor items now allow for the establishment of performance frequency, billing frequency and unit cost with enhanced service types - One Time, Re-occurring, Scheduled, and Block Hour. Unique item identifying tags can be assigned to help filter search results.

Other modifications include shipping notification automation. Ship notifications based on customizable email templates are automatically sent to end-customers. Another new feature is the Favorites List. Users can now create a “favorite” list of products that can be assigned to a specific account on the account page.

As far as supplier news, resellers sourcing products from ScanSource will now benefit from real-time pricing and availability. Other updates include minor improvements and fixes to ChannelOnline.

Updated roughly four times a year, ChannelOnline continues to be a leader with VARs and solution providers for managing business processes. ChannelOnline offers quoting, procurement, and supplier management, along with an ecommerce store.

ChannelOnline, founded in 2001, is the gold standard for quoting software and sales-cycle automation in the IT industry. The release of ChannelOnline 6.3 is an indication of CNET Content Solutions' consistent dedication to product improvement and customer satisfaction. For a more detailed outline of ChannelOnline features and improvements, see the ChannelOnline 6.3 Announcement.

Existing customers, please contact ChannelOnline customer service at if you have any questions or want to learn more about the new functionality. If you are a reseller interested in learning how ChannelOnline can help you run a more efficient and successful business, please contact a ChannelOnline representative at 877.276.5560 or .

CNET Content Solutions Media Contact:
Debbie Andrews - Vice President, Products