ContentCast Quarterly Newsletter

Tue, 03/10/2015

The ContentCast Quarterly Newsletter is your source for all updates about the CNET ContentCast portfolio of products - Logo Service, Inline Content, Brand Showcase, professional reviews, and manufacturer campaigns.

Windows Device Finder Hosts Both Consumer and Commercial Finders
The Windows Device Finder now integrates both the Consumer and Commercial finders under a single landing page, taking up less room on your website.

This updated finder helps end customers find the right products for work or home by answering a series of short questions. The Windows Device Finder also integrates CNET Reviews, offering site visitors the reassurance they need to press the buy button.

Microsoft Office 2013 and Server 2012
Microsoft Office 2013 has recently been expanded to promote Office 365 on compatible Mac OS product pages. The Windows Server 2012 program is frequently updated to help you maximize your attach of Server OS and CAL licenses on a number of server related products.

eCommerce programs are designed to educate customers on product availability and allow customers to easily add the relevant software products to their shopping cart. Partners can sign up by contacting customer support or by visiting the CCS Portal.

Microsoft DCCN Update
Microsoft DCCN has updated their syndication sites and marketing downloads in the DCCN portal to now promote Windows based OEM devices for Education. Distributors can now have content for the Microsoft Registered Refurbisher program. This content is available in English worldwide and select markets for Japanese, French, Brazilian Portuguese and Latin American Spanish.

Lenovo Showcase Redesign
The Lenovo showcase has been revamped to include better imagery and a complete restructuring to bring relevant content to the forefront of your website. The showcase works for both ecommerce and non-ecommerce partners. Simply sign up at the ContentCast portal to get started.

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