DataSource 6.1 Expands Catalog Coverage and Offers Logo Image Options

Tue, 12/03/2013

December 4, 2013 - CNET Content Solutions has released version 6.1 of their flagship product DataSource. DataSource 6.1 brings catalog expansion into new category segments, offers logo image options to reduce missing images on product pages, and includes the release of ContentConnector 2.2.

DataSource is well-known for its broad coverage in Information Technology, Consumer Electronics, and Appliances/White Goods categories. With version 6.1, DataSource customers can now receive product information on three new category segments. The Healthcare IT segment covers items like medical computer carts and medical monitors. The Digital Signage segment enables coverage in digital sign displays, players, and accessories. Coverage in the Vehicle Computer segment includes items such as vehicle-mount tablets, vehicle mounting kits, and portable computers. CNET is continually adding and updating categories to cover a broader range of product information.

DataSource 6.1 offers manufacturer or software logos in the place of a generic product image. Retailers can choose to implement a product’s manufacturer logo or the product’s software logo in the product image area, if no product image is available. This enables retailers to present a complete product page even when a product’s image may be missing.

With the release of DataSource 6.1 also comes the ContentConnector 2.2 release. The ContentConnector manages SKU requests, data retrieval, database creation, and database maintenance processes of a retailer’s DataSource database. Version 2.2 enables the Connector to provide additional delivery options and provides additional support for specialized databases.

DataSource 6.1 is part of CNET Content Solutions’ ongoing mission to provide the best product data and the best service to online retailers around the globe. By continually expanding covered categories, providing more comprehensive product information, and improving delivery processes, DataSource continues to grow with the needs of its customers.

About DataSource™
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