Retailers Across Europe Onboard CNET's EU Energy Logo Program

Tue, 01/27/2015

January 2015 - While EU ecommerce sites strive to comply with EU Energy Commission policy, many have found an ally in CNET Content Solutions. The Commission has delegated that ''as of January 1, 2015, all EU retailers and etailers will be required to display energy labels online where the product is offered for sale or lease.'' With the EU Energy Logo Program from CNET Content Solutions, retailers and etailers have found an easy way to comply with this new policy.

The regulation states, ''The Energy Rating label on the internet should be found directly adjacent to the product or by the energy rating label made visible by an icon that corresponds to the product Energy class (icon to the nested screen).'' This requirement brings new challenges and higher costs for retailers and distributors to collect all the class ratings, energy labels and product fiche data for all products in the required categories. The EU Energy Logo program, offered by CNET Content Solutions as part of their ContentCast syndication service, displays the required energy rating arrow icon, energy label and product fiche links directly on the product page by using a snippet of JavaScript code.

With the passing of the new policy, there has been an influx in adoption of CNET's logo program. Companies like Ebay, MetaComp, BuyITLocal, and BlueChip Computer, among others, have already taken advantage of the EU Energy Logo Program. These companies have found that the program covers most categories and products.

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