Use HotSpot Product Links to Interactively Up-sell Product Accessories

Sun, 07/16/2017

As a brand, do you offer an end-to-end solution for your customers? Would you like to up-sell them when they are interacting with a parent product? If the answer is yes, Hotspot Product Links is a great feature that enables you to take advantage of a content block that receives an 8% average interaction rate. Read on to learn more about this newly launched feature available within the Inline Content Builder.

Hotspots Feature Recap

Hotspots are interactive icons placed over an image that, when clicked on, display a callout which highlights key product features. Use any image of your choice, and then enrich it with points of interest and in-depth information about the details depicted. The following are configurable:

  1. The number of hotspots

  2. The placement of each hotspot on the main image

  3. The associated popup content


What is now available with this product update?

Hotspot callouts previously supported the display of an image and a description text, or a video. This feature update now enables you to associate a product part number within a Hotspot callout.

Once a part number is successfully mapped, the Hotspot callout on a retailer’s product page will display the following:

  • ‘Product Title’ as available within the retailer’s catalog

  • Product titles linked to the respective product pages on the retailer's website

  • ‘Price’ as available in the retailer’s catalog or on the retailer’s website (if Dynamic Pricing is configured)

  • ‘Add to Cart’ linked to the retailer’s shopping cart page



Contact Support to enable this feature for your account.