Increase Engagement with Video Backgrounds

Thu, 05/04/2017

ContentCast launches capability to upload Videos as Backgrounds

On average, videos within inline content drive a 35% interaction rate. Grab the user’s attention and make your content stand out by leveraging our newest enhancement: Video backgrounds with text overlay. Build them in just a few clicks within ContentCast’s Inline Content Builder.

See it in action below!

Why Use Videos as Background?

A good video helps tell your product story effectively and far more quickly than text alone. It also creates an instant connection of the product to your customers. Now, combining the right video with text provides a truly high-impact user experience within few seconds.

Quick Start Guide

  • Login to Vendor Portal
  • Create a new sku or edit an existing sku
  • Add a new Feature Block and choose one of the three overlay options from the menu
    • Overlay Right
    • Overlay Left
    • Overlay Center
  • Load the video in the Background settings
  • Type in your overlay text
  • Save & Publish!

Best Practices

  • Simple is often better. Avoid adding too much text over the video
  • Since you need to ensure your text is highly legible, choose a high-contrast or restricted color-scheme in a background video. The goal is not to be overly distracting or disruptive
  • Choose a video that is concise and tells the product story within the first 10-15 seconds
  • Choose a well compressed video with a small file size so it does not affect the performance of the page over slow connections


Background video is an exciting trend and is just one of the powerful features for interactive content within our ContentCast Vendor Portal. We are excited to offer this feature to all of our existing vendors. Visit the Vendor Portal and start building now.

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The ContentCast Product Team