CNET Content Solutions Makes It Easy for Retailers to Showcase their Lexmark Products

Mon, 10/19/2020

Powered by CNET Content Solutions, Lexmark’s new Brand Showcase, released September 1, 2020, makes it easy for retailers carrying Lexmark products to showcase those products on their ecommerce sites.

Brand Showcases feature a specific brand’s full assortment of products and sponsored content together on a retailer partner’s site. This content is great for a dedicated brand page or wherever the retailer would like to highlight the brand’s products and solutions.

Partners can link to their catalog, only displaying the SKUs they carry, or manually choose the product line they want to display in the showcase. Shoppers can add products directly to the shopping cart from within the showcase.

Partners are provided a JavaScript snippet that embeds a Brand Showcase into their website. Once they set up the code, no updates are required. Whenever Lexmark refreshes their content, the showcase will refresh automatically, without any additional work from the retailer.

The Lexmark Brand Showcase expands the Lexmark-CNET Content Solutions exclusive content syndication partnership which began in April 2020. Currently, the Lexmark Brand Showcase is available to partners in the U.S., Canada, UK, France, and Germany at no cost.

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