CNET Content Solutions Works with Spanish Customer MediaMarkt to Provide Best Results for Microsoft

Tue, 02/24/2015

The Microsoft Office Logo Program has been a popular service since its release in 2008. The program enables retailers to offer the option to buy Microsoft Office directly from the product page. In this way, a customer who is purchasing a laptop, for instance, can add Microsoft Office directly to their shopping cart without having to navigate away from the laptop product page.

One of the newest users of the Microsoft Office Logo Program is Germany-based retailer MediaMarkt. While retailers have always embedded the JavaScript code onto their product pages to display the logo directly with the product, Media Markt had a different idea. Their platform directs all customers to the shopping cart once they add something to it, making it difficult to provide a quality user experience if the Microsoft Office logo was back on the product page. As an alternative, they decided to add the Office logo in the shopping cart itself. They felt this was a far more acceptable user experience given their current platform.

Although CNET Content Solutions' best practices around the usage of Logo Service suggests placement right on the product page, the Media Markt implementation was a good alternative. This out-of-the-box thinking enabled Media Markt to still utilize this quality service provided by Microsoft and CNET Content Solutions.

CNET Logo Service is a part of the more comprehensive ContentCast portfolio, which includes Logo Service, Inline Content, Brand Showcase, professional reviews, and manufacturer campaigns. ContentCast works by embedding JavaScript code into the product page to seamlessly deliver its rich content. To learn more about ContentCast Logo Service, visit:

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