ContentCast Product Update - SKU Versioning

Sun, 06/25/2017

Never lose track of your changes with our recently launched SKU Versioning feature.

Are you frustrated when the SKU you are building gets mysteriously updated and you have no clue who made the change? Do you want to quickly revert to a previous version of the SKU without having to manually edit the existing version? If the answer is yes, SKU versioning will be a handy feature for you. Read on to learn more about this newly launched feature now available within Inline Content Builder.

What is SKU Versioning?

It is the process of creating an iteration or version of the SKU you are currently editing every time you click “Save” within the Inline Content Builder. This feature enables you to:

  • View previously saved versions of the SKU along with their syndication status (i.e. Live, For Review, For Publish, etc.)
  • Find out who modified the SKU and when
  • Preview the different saved versions
  • Ability to restore to a previous version

Quick Start Guide

• Once you have more than one version of the SKU saved, the “Versions” option will start appearing within the SKU you are building.

• Clicking on “Versions” will take you to the versions page which lists all the versions available for the SKU.

• From here, click on the ‘Preview’ icon to preview how the content looks for the respective version.

• You can also click on the “Restore” icon to quickly restore to a previous version. The restored version will now become your current version.


Feature Recap

  • A version is created each time you click ‘Save’       
  • Versions button will be hidden until you save the SKU for the first time
  • Only 1 version can be published live at a time
  • The Inline SKU must have at least 1 part number in order to see the Publish and Restore actions


Contact our Support team with your questions, comments or feedback on how we can keep improving.