CNET Channel Delivers Product Marketing Descriptions in Nordic Languages

Tue, 07/05/2005

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. - October 18, 2005 Earlier this year, CNET Channel President Greg Mason conveyed our strategy to produce and distribute Nordic-language product marketing descriptions for select SKUs in your market. He pledged that his team would follow through on this strategy, and today it gives us great pleasure to announce that we're delivering on this promise!

Over the past three months, our Production team has reviewed detailed product content of more than 130,000 SKUs requested from our Nordic countries customers since January 2004. This team carefully analyzed product information from 35+ top IT and consumer electronics manufacturers to uncover localized product marketing descriptions. Unfortunately, not all manufacturers have the same product information coverage in all Nordic languages -- if any at all. However, we were able to capture a significant amount that you can access today!

Language Initial Coverage (Approximate) Release Date
Swedish 22,500 SKUs Today
Norwegian 12,500 SKUs October 24, 2005
Danish 10,000 SKUs October 31, 2005
Finnish 4,500 SKUs October 31, 2005

All DataSource™ SKUs for the Nordic market will continue to be delivered with English language product marketing descriptions. Localized product marketing descriptions on select SKUs will be available through CNET Channel's new digital content delivery platform and you'll receive a unique record for each new language based on your customer profile. After we release this introduction service, we will incorporate product marketing descriptions for these four languages on an ongoing basis as part of our regular SKU production process.

If you would like access to these localized product marketing descriptions at no additional cost and haven't subscribed to our new digital content delivery method, please log-on to the Customer Extranet, complete the opt-in form and agree to the terms and conditions. If you have already subscribed, please contact your CNET Channel Customer Support Representative, Samir Zouaoui, at +41.21.943.03.89 or Barbara Driscoll at +41.21.943.96.15

We are extremely pleased to share this announcement, and appreciate your patience. It is from your feedback that we're able to make these enhancements to our DataSource offering for the Nordic market. To provide additional feedback, and learn about CNET Channel's current roadmap, high-level strategies leading into 2006, and our underlying commitment to your success -- please join us this Thursday, October 20 at 4:00pm for a one-hour Web seminar as Greg addresses our Nordic customers. We'll leave at least 15-minutes at the end for a Q&A session.

Please contact Anders Nylund ( or + to discuss how localized content can enable you to offer end-customers a better quality experience, strengthen loyalty and increase sales.

CNET Channel Contact:
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