CNET Channel Delivers Extensive Professional Photo & Video Catalog for the North American Market

Wed, 10/26/2005

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. - October 27, 2005 Earlier this year, CNET Channel President Greg Mason conveyed our strategy to produce and distribute professional photo and video product content for the U.S./Canada market. He pledged that his team would follow through on this strategy, and today it gives us great pleasure to announce that we're delivering on this promise!

Over the past four months, our Production team has carefully analyzed select leading retailer's online professional photo and video catalogs. This team was charged with assessing category classifications, analyzing major manufacturers and developing a unique product data model. Now, we're ready to add a whole new domain to supplement our extensive IT and consumer electronics catalog.

We've expanded 11 of our existing consumer electronics categories to accommodate BETACAM, DVCAM and DVCPRO professional camcorders, large-format and medium-format cameras, telescopes and the whole spectrum of accessories and options for them. In addition, we've added 20 new categories to cover six main classes of professional photo and video products:

Class Category Class Category
Cameras & Optical Systems Digital Cameras
Film Cameras
Photo Archival & Presentation Products Photo Frames
Photo Albums & Archival Storage
Cutters & Trimmers
Class Category Class Category
Studio Equipment Backgrounds
Lighting Filters
Light Control
Studio Light & Flashes
Studio Mounting
Light Meters
Professional Video Camcorders
Video Editing Controllers, Mixers & Titlers
Studio & Field Monitor
Studio & Production Equipment
Audio Mixers
Class Category Class Category
Darkroom Photo Enlarging Paper
Photographic Chemistry
Enlargers & Components
Developing & Processing Equipment
Darkroom Accessories,
Safelight & Setup
Options & Accessories Tripods
Carrying Cases
Power Devices & Batteries

When you consider our expanded consumer electronics coverage of photo and video products PLUS the extensive new professional and semi-professional photo and video product SKUs, we have more than 60,000 SKUs in our catalog available today. Going forward, we'll proactively expand our professional photo and video catalog, adding approximately 4,000 new photo and video product SKUs every month.

CNET Channel's new professional photo and video catalog is 100% compatible with the DataSource™ schema so integration with your existing e-commerce, intranet or ERP platform is straightforward. Utilize our Professional Services team as an extension of your IT resources to help you squeeze out more value from our product content.

We are extremely pleased to share this announcement, and appreciate your patience. It is from your feedback that we're able to make these enhancements to our DataSource offering. To find out more about how our new professional photo and video catalog can enable you to offer end-customers a better quality experience, strengthen loyalty and increase sales, please contact your Regional Sales Executive at +1.877.276.5560 (toll free).

CNET Channel Contact:
Scott Danish - Vice President, Global Marketing
Phone: +1.415.344.2722
Mobile: +1.415.254.0500