CNET Content Solutions Receives U.S. Patent for Building Online Product Finders

Mon, 06/20/2016

San Francisco, CA – 2016 – CNET Content Solutions (CCS), the global leader in the exchange of product information, rich content and ecommerce solutions that powers ecommerce sites from SMB to Enterprise, announced that the U.S. Patent Office has issued a patent to the company for their online product finders. The patent, issued March 1, 2016, supports the method of building an online product finder accessible on a website through a widget.

U.S. Patent No. 9,275,409, “Method, medium, and system for building a product finder”, covers the utilization of a template-based widget, placed on an ecommerce site, to present a categorization tree for product categories of a given product catalog when the request is made within that widget.

CNET Product Finders offer an important aspect of website navigation that is often overlooked on ecommerce sites; the ability to educate customers and narrow choices from large categories of similar products, based on the customer’s specific needs. Unlike traditional faceted navigation, search, or categorization methods for displaying products on a website, CNET Product Finders are widgets within a page that ask usage based questions which link to categorization and product specifications, in order to narrow results. These tools offer the digital equivalent to sales associates found in brick and mortar stores that help customers confidently find the right product for their specific need, without the customer needing to understand product specifications and features.

Either sponsored by manufacturers to highlight their products, or subscribed directly by ecommerce merchants to show products from their entire catalog, CNET Product Finders are easy to install widgets that can fit seamlessly into ecommerce websites to compliment existing navigation. The Product Finders also tie directly into the website’s catalog to ensure that only results carried by the merchant are displayed within the results, with current pricing and promotions.

CNET Product Finders, part of CCS’s guided selling tools suite, make it easier for a customer to view product data for many products from many different manufacturers in a consistent, standardized format. This is important when customers are choosing between products, enabling them to compare ‘apples to apples’ for features that may have different titles, measurement units, or abbreviations between manufacturers. While aiming to eliminate confusion for the customer, Product Finders provide an easy widget for ecommerce merchants to place on their web pages and relieve those merchants of the need for internal resources to standardize manufacturer data and present that data in a consistent manner for thousands of highly turned-over products.

CNET Content Solution holds other patents with the U.S. Patent Office, including their patent covering the data standardization model used by CNET DataSource. Dmitry Chechuy, Senior Director of Product Management for CCS and co-author of U.S Patent No. 9,275,409, states, “This is a very exciting opportunity for us. CNET Content Solutions has been the leader in data standardization since 1999. The issuance of our most recent patent is a confirmation of this company’s continued leadership in the industry for new technology that powers global ecommerce.”

Since 1999, CCS has served clients by providing aggregation, management, exchange and syndication of product information (images, specs, related products) between manufacturers, distributors, retailers, VARs, and marketplaces. Over the years, CCS products and services have grown to meet client demands to include rich content syndication, cross-sell and up-sell services, product finders and selectors, custom solutions, quote/procurement SAAS solutions, ecommerce store service, and global ecommerce insights and analytics.

To empower your channel partners, build a world-class ecommerce site with the most complete, trusted, and cost-effective products, solutions and support in the industry, or to learn more about U.S. Patent No. 9,275,409 or Product Finders, please contact a sales representative.