Walmart and CNET Content Solutions Expand Content Partnership

Thu, 10/18/2018

San Francisco, CA – October 18, 2018 – CNET Content Solutions, the global leader in the production and syndication of ecommerce product content, has been selected as an expert content enrichment partner for Walmart’s new Connected Content Partner (CCP) program.
To be selected by Walmart into the CCP program, the content provider had to meet four tenants: present a simple and clear solution, present a value proposition and deliver on it, be a trusted partner of Walmart, and drive measurable results. CNET Content Solutions, Walmart’s long-time content partner, met these tenants and was named as an expert resource for content enrichment and creation to help suppliers with differentiated, retailer-specific content across item setup, enrichment, and rich media.
As a CCP program provider, CNET gives suppliers best-in-class solutions for scaling content and lowering costs in the areas of syndication, enrichment/creation, and rich media experiences. CNET helps suppliers develop content and scale it for Walmart and other retailers. With the CCP program designation, CNET will also have an onsite presence and privileged access at Walmart, enabling greater support and urgency for their supplier partners.
Frank Ogura, Senior Manager of Walmart Labs, says, “Walmart has placed an intense focus on best in class content. Our Connected Content Partners will help us execute our strategy and bring together retail, suppliers and content experts. Walmart suppliers will benefit from their expertise and connecting directly with us.”
“CNET Content Solutions and Walmart have enjoyed a long-standing partnership,” says Eric Lundin, General Manager of CNET Content Solutions. “We are happy to expand our relationship further with Walmart and offer supplier partners a more comprehensive, world-class experience within the Connected Content Partner program.”
CNET Content Solutions holds several patents on processes around the creation and delivery of ecommerce product content and remains a trusted resource for Walmart and for brands, distributors, and retailers across the globe.
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