CNET Channel has signed a contract with the UK's largest software-only reseller Trustmarque Solution

Mon, 09/22/2003

St-Legier, 23 September, 2003 - CNET Channel, a subsidiary of CNET Networks, Inc. (Nasdaq: CNET), has signed a contract with the UK's largest software-only reseller Trustmarque Solutions to provide its DataSource™ solution to transform the businesses' online e-commerce operation. In two months, Trustmarque expects to be offering customers the opportunity to buy licenses for any of its 66,000 software solutions online.

By using the subscription based DataSource service, Trustmarque, will be able to sell its software licenses online by offering a smooth and efficient catalog browsing, product grouping and searching, and product comparison capability to the company's website.

"Putting our software license catalog online is a completely new initiative for us and one that we realized needed expert support," said Trustmarque marketing manager Jonathan Taylor. "With 351 vendors and 66,000 software products for our customers to choose from, we knew that it was going to be a difficult challenge but the hardware channel industry has become very successful in this e-commerce area and we were beginning to receive requests from customers for a similar service. With our new online service,, customers will be able to meet all their software license needs directly from our website."

The service will ensure Trustmarque's customers have access to the latest information and fastest service available for placing their software license orders. Customers can search on manufacturers, keywords, and even classifications such as UNSPSC coding. Increasing efficiency and experience for users. For Trustmarque, the company expects to make operational savings as well as freeing-up account management resource to spend more time helping customers meet their future requirements.

"Prior to the development of the service, our account managers spent much of their time developing quotes for customers," said Jonathan. "With the help of CNET Channel's solution customers will now be able to source their own quotes quickly and effectively - allowing our people to spend more time with customers planning their future needs and looking at ways to manage their existing software licenses more effectively."

At the outset of the project CNET Channel had 66% of Trustmarque's software catalog information already included within its DataSource solution. The remainders of the software solutions are being included during the implementation of the online project.

James Symington, CNET Channel UK sales manager, said: "Trustmarque is now taking advantage of the improved customer service and increased margins an effective online sales operation can offer the technology channel. The UK's hardware channel has led this revolution in technology sales and working with CNET Channel, Trustmarque is becoming one of the first software-only channel companies to recognize this potential."

The DataSource service offered by CNET Channel provides Trustmarque with consistent data, which allows their customers to easily browse and search the software catalog helping them to quickly find the product they are interested in. Customers can then read complete product descriptions and make comparisons to similar products in order to make immediate informed buying decisions. The complete product descriptions, including photographs, marketing descriptions and features, will enable Trustmarque to greatly enhance their e-commerce offerings.

DataSource, which provides an initial catalog enrichment as well as a daily update of the customer's product catalog, transforms, on demand, the customer's product portfolio into rich, granular, and standardized product data, called Transactive Product DataT (TPDT). TPD enables customers to build an enhanced, multilingual, multi-vendor and well-informed purchase environment at a fraction of the cost of most internal operations.

CNET Channel is the only independent source of structured, standardized, multi-market and multilingual product information for electronic product catalogs in the IT industry. Its content-centric solutions are based on a unique database of technology product specifications containing over 1.5 million product units from more than 5,000 vendors in 40 markets and 12 languages. Today, the leading computer manufacturers, distributors, resellers, portals, and e-tailers rely on CNET Channel solutions. It is estimated that more than 150 million buyers and users, responsible for billions of dollars in high-tech expenditures, make use of CNET Channel's database of product specifications each month.

About CNET Networks, Inc.
CNET Networks, Inc. (Nasdaq: CNET, is an interactive media company that builds brands for people and the things they are passionate about, such as gaming, music, entertainment, technology, business, food, and parenting. The Company's leading brands include CNET, GameSpot,,, CHOW, ZDNet and TechRepublic. Founded in 1992, CNET Networks has a strong presence in the US, Asia, and Europe.

About Trustmarque Solutions
Trustmarque Solutions is a leading software reseller, specialising in the supply of software volume licensing and associated services to a large portfolio of corporate and public sector organisations. Trustmarque Solutions helps reduce the cost and complexity of buying and managing software assets, through the provision of expert advice and personal pre-and-post sales support.

Trustmarque Solutions holds some of the highest accreditations available from leading software manufacturers; these include Microsoft, IBM, Novell, CA, Network Associates and Veritas. Trustmarque Solutions also holds a number of exclusive software supply contracts within different vertical markets; these include GCat2 (Public sector), NHS, Scottish Healthcare Supplies (sole software supplier), ACPO (Association of Chief Police Officers), CHEST and LGA.

Trustmarque Solutions is funded and owned by Royal Bank Ventures. Royal Bank Ventures is part of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group.
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