Add rich product content

Manufacturers, retailers, and distributors benefit from our ContentCast™ solution, a digital marketing service that incorporates various content elements onto online product pages.

Manufacturers are looking to quickly and easily disseminate their product story to the market and reduce their time-to-market for product launches and marketing collateral. ContentCast connects manufacturers to partner websites using a real-time online content syndication platform. Manufacturers can quickly load product data & marketing materials for immediate distribution to retail and distribution partners. Partners integrate the marketing content into their websites to provide a richer experience for their customers.

Both manufacturers and partners have full visibility into the usage and performance of the syndicated content.

Provide complete product data

By being a part of our PartnerAccess program, manufacturers can ensure their product information is normalized, accurate, consistent, and quickly distributed to our global network of more than 3,000 partners via DataSource™.

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