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Syndicate merchandising content online

Manufacturers support in-store content with product packaging, displays and promotional material. Digital versions of this content is delivered to retailer sites with ContentCast™.

  • Seamlessly deliver, in real-time, your brand experience, marketing campaigns, and detailed product information to retailer sites
  • Gain insights into content usage and performance through a comprehensive reporting suite
  • Join leading manufacturers in creating product interest and increasing sales by educating consumers as they research and buy online

Manufacturers have access to a self-service portal to build and manage the product content that is syndicated to over 3,000 global retailer partners. Demo the Inline Content Builder.

  • Customized portal for partner engagement and self-serve implementation
  • Inline Content Builder for easy and fast content creation and distribution to partner product pages
  • Campaign Banner Ad syndication to drive awareness and market messaging
  • Marketing Asset repository for partners to download your sales & training collateral
  • Brand Showcase syndication to promote your brand and product portfolio on partner sites
  • Logo Service to promote a product's technical features, certifications, and/or promotion of compatible SKUs directly from the product page
  • CNET and GameSpot Reviews to educate and increase buyer confidence
  • Web performance tracking and reporting
  • Channel partner management
  • Lead Generation to connect buyers to your partners
  • Educate online buyers, improving brand experience and customer loyalty
  • Ensure brand consistency and market messaging
  • Reduce costs for channel marketing and distribution
  • Faster time-to-market and guaranteed up-to-date product content
  • Higher target audience reach to all 1WorldSync Content Solutions partners
  • Increase sales and brand exposure
  • Reduce return rates
  • Increase buyer satisfaction

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