Powering e-commerce sites with comprehensive product information

DataSource converts non-standardized product information from multiple sources into consistent content that is the foundation of retail and distributor websites.

  • Core data populates the item master
  • Meta data powers product discoverability and comparison
  • Publishing components fill product pages with essential information

Comprehensive Product Information - With timely, complete, and accurate professional content covering more than 14 Million product SKUs in 34 markets and 23 languages, 1WorldSync Content Solutions is the number one source for product content. Available catalogs: Information Technology, Consumer Electronics, Office Products, and Appliances/White Goods.

Categorization - DataSource categorization provides a flexible, ecommerce-oriented hierarchy of classes and categories to enable intuitive catalog navigation. A sample comprehensive list of DataSource product categories would include information technology, consumer electronics, appliances, photo equipment, and beauty products

Advanced Search Capabilities - Guide consumers through refined searches to find the desired products with searchable attributes. For each product category, metadata containing granular, normalized attributes enables filters for parametric search, side-by-side product comparison, and extended categorization.

Side-by-side Product Comparisons - Provide compelling and detailed feature comparisons between products. Standardized data attributes allow for easy side-by-side product comparisons.

Related Products and Accessories - Offer recommendations of complementary products to also consider at the time of purchase and help consumers find accessories that are compatible with a specific product.

Integration Methods - DataSource product content is available for resellers via data feeds as well as through on-demand API-based content delivery for quicker and simpler integration.

Decrease Costs
Remove the cost of in-house development of product catalog content and maintenance of SKUs and redeploy resources to support your areas of core competency and differentiation.

Increase Sales
Become your customers' first and only destination for product information

Drive Business
Empower customer service and inside sales teams to drive business instead of answering routine product questions

Gain Customer Loyalty
Simplify access to the right product information with easier searches and product comparisons of products

DataSource Cloud Service Premium PIM Feed
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Main Specifications
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