Influence Product Data

Optimize product information throughout the channel

From content creation and launch, through product content delivery and tracking, manufacturers can easily and effectively influence product information in the channel, ensuring their retailers have accurate, normalized data for their ecommerce sites.

  • Core data for complete and timely introduction of new items
  • Meta data to power product discoverability and comparison
  • Publishing components to represent products with essential information

Manufacturer product information is delivered to the channel through 1WorldSync Content Solutions' premium DataSource service.

Create new product SKUs for the market

View and provide feedback on the product information we produce

Identify which retailers use 1WorldSync Content Solutions for a specific SKU, and which Channel partners use 1WorldSync Content Solutions by market

A Better Customer Experience
Improve quality and completeness of product information

Quick to Market
Experience more timely product launches, getting products to market faster

More Cost Efficient
Update once and disseminating to more than 2,100 leading channel partners in U.S. and Europe

Standard Premium
Product Lookup and Review
Submit Tech Spec Changes
Perform Catalog Cleanup
Single Market Coverage
Add New SKUs to Catalog
Control SKU Launch Dates
Monitor Products Popularity
Edit Marketing Text
Upload Rich Content
Add Related Products
Set End-of-life for Products
Perform Bulk Uploads
Multi-market Support
Multiple User Access

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