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1WorldSync Content Solutions est fière de maintenir des partenariats solides avec des sociétés leaders dans le domaine de l'informatique. Nous avons établis des partenariats avec des sociétés industrielles, des partenaires technologiques, des fabricants de logiciels et des prestataires e-commerce. Si vous etes interessé par un partenariat avec 1WorldSync Content Solutions, n'hésitez pas à nous contacter en cliquant sur le bouton ci-dessous.

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21st Mall is a Multi-Channel, Multi-Market and Multi-Language existing eCommerce as a Service Solution based on 100% .NET and powered by IBM. 21st Mall works with 1WorldSync Content Solutions for Developing IT/TK Marketplaces for sustainable eCommerce between Manufacturers, Distributors, Media and ERP-Systems ( eProcurement ) for eCommerce Strategies across Europe for 10+ Years. For more information about A EINS IT GmbH, visit



The ALSO-Group is Europe‘s third-largest ICT distribution company. ALSO distributes products, solutions, and services in the information technology, consumer electronics, and telecommunication products (ICT) sectors. In 2012, ALSO-Actebis generated net sales of EUR 6.3 billion with 2,985 employees. ALSO is active in twelve European countries: Austria,Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland. In seven of these, it is also market leader. In its ICT distribution activities, ALSO collaborates with leading manufacturers of hardware and software as well as 100,000 specialist distributors, resellers, retailers, and eTailers. ALSO holds a portfolio of around 160 000 articles from around 350 vendors as well as providing additional value-added services in the high-end-server, storage, security, and networks sectors. For more information on ALSO, visit



Established in 2000 bitlogic Internet and Services AG is one of the leading providers of innovative e-commerce and e-business solutions. Currently operating in Germany and the UK bitlogic offers high-standard and modular approaches to a vast variety of markets by considering the customers' individual business and requirements and providing continued flexibility. Leading IT companies trust in the profitability and effectiveness of bitlogic's cutting edge technologies. For more information about Bitlogic, visit

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E-nitiative can provide you with a series of customer-orientated e-commerce solutions. We are specialized in the design of e-stores based on Hardware and Software product catalogues. Currently, our solutions are covering the U.K., Italy, France, Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg. We link many European distributors' catalogues to our customers' e-stores; a few names : Ingram Micro (UK,IT,BE,NL,FR) , Tech Data (UK,BE,NL), Copaco (NL,BE), Despec (NL,BE), Westcoast (UK), Bell Micro (UK, BE) We are adding new databases on monthly basis. For more information about e-Initiative, visit

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Exsellium est une société de conseil indépendante spécialisée dans le design et la mise en place de solutions dans les domaines des systèmes de léinformation. Exsellium réunit les meilleurs talents de développement, web design, marketing et optimisation de référencement dans le but de fournir une solide expertise multidisciplinaire. Le partenariat entre Exsellium et 1WorldSync Content Solutions a conduit à la création du connecteur “Exsellium-Magento-DataSource”. Il permet aux utilisateurs de synchroniser efficacement les données de leur produits au travers déun processus intégré. Pour plus d'informations:

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Netset delivers comprehensive and complete out-of-the box e-commerce solutions for IT resellers. For small and medium resellers there is the Nettailer product, this can be rented as a full service on monthly basis. For larger retailers who prefer an e-commerce platform for further development there is Netset Etailer. The Netset solutions are well integrated with the 1WorldSync Content Solutions services. The Netset solutions fully support to automatically manage content, multiple images, documentation, accessories, relations to accessories, parametric search, and more. The Netset solutions are available in English, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish and Baltic versions. Netset have a large installed customer base among IT resellers. Among them the turnover is ranging from 3 million USD to over 2 billion USD. For more information on Netset, visit

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Onetrail provides the direct link between the systems of resellers, distributors and manufacturers. In this way, Onetrail integrates the logistical and administrative process between trading partners. This gives satisfied customers and enormous savings in time and therefore money. A necessity for companies where margins are under pressure and customers are making increasingly great demands on quality of and access to information. The Hub services are available in the Benelux, the United Kingdom and in Germany. Therefore, doing business internationally is getting easier and cheaper. For more information about, visit

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Vox 66

Vox66 is a Spanish company focused on helping IT resellers by offering DealerVox, a complete and easy to use eCommerce online solution that saves time and money on their online and physical shop work. Our solution is integrated and can compare the most important wholesalers in Spain (Ingram Micro, TechData, Esprinet, Diode, Vinzeo, ...) and the main content provider 1WorldSync Content Solutions. DealerVox is also completed with a wide variety of tools that will allow the reseller to focus only on sales, not on technical issues. For more information about Eco 66, visit

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