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Custom Supplier Product Import

The Custom Suppliers Import Wizard allows you to import custom suppliers product data or price files that currently are not CNET Supported Suppliers using the same 3 easy steps (Upload / Import File, Basic / Advanced Mapping, and Import Status).

NOTE: Custom Suppliers must first be setup in Supplier Admin before the Supplier Product Import can be performed. 

Custom Supplier Product Import Requirements

Make sure that the Custom Supplier has been created in Admin > Suppliers > Custom Suppliers. 

When a given mfr and mfr part # can be matched up with a CNET Supported Product:

  • The supplier will be added as a custom supplier
  • The custom supplier product description will only display on the supplier section of the product page and document.
  • All other data in that record will be discarded and the ChannelOnline will use the existing Product Data sheet for product description and detail information.
When the mfr/mfr part # does not match a CNET Support Product:
  • The record will be added to the Error Log and Failed Records file to be used in the Custom Item Import Wizard.
    TIP: Use the Custom Item Import to create procuts that do not exist as a supported product.

Upload / Import File
To begin importing custom suppliers:
  1. Click on the Custom Supplier Import Wizard link under the Import section.
  2. Select the appropriate option to specify the import file type: .dbf, .txt, .csv, .xls, .xlsx.
  3. Click on Browse to locate the import file that is stored locally on your computer. 
  4. Click on Next to continue to the next section, Field Mapping / Import.

Field Mapping / Import

The Field Mapping / Import screen will allow you to map the fields that are present in your import file, to the existing fields in ChannelOnline.

  1. If this is a first time import, then [ New Profile ] will be selected by default for the profile. Otherwise choose a previously saved profile that contains previous mapping information.
  2. Choose whether the import should clear out ALL existing custom supplier’s products or if the import should update and add the custom supplier’s products to the database.
  3. If choosing an existing import profile name, it should automatically map the field names (provided they have not changed in the import file). If this is a new import, fields will need to be manually mapped.
    To continue mapping new or additional fields found in the target import file to ChannelOnline’s available fields, perform the following:

  4. First, locate an unmapped field in the ChannelOnline Fields column. For example “Supplier Name”, and click on the field to select it.
  5. Locate the appropriate field from your Import file under the Import Fields column.
  6. Click on Map to ChannelOnline > to tag the fields as being mapped.
  7. Continue this process until all fields have been mapped to ChannelOnline fields.
  8. If this is a new import and you wish to save the field mappings for future use, select Yes and provide a profile name:

Click on Start Import to begin the import process.

Import Status & Errors
The Import Status screen will display a status bar and refresh the page every 1-2 seconds to provide the progress. Successful imports require anywhere from 12-24 hours for new custom supplier products to appear within ChannelOnline’s search results due to the import process and indexing.

If the import fails a "records rejected." error will appear along with the number of records (lines) that did not import.

  • Click on the "Show Errorlog" button to see a list of records and the reason it failed to import.  Example: "Record 1, Invalid Category / Sub-category".
  • Make corrections to your file if needed, and re-run the Import.

Sample Import FileSupplier Product Import

FieldsSupplier Part Number, Manufacturer Part Number, Manufacturer Name, Supplier Cost, Supplier Description, Supplier Inventory, Supplier MSRP, Supplier Weight, Supplier Order Unit