Documents - Import and Export

Import and Export Wizard Overview


The Import/Export Wizard was developed to provide an efficient way to import and export your customer, product, and document data to/from ChannelOnline. This user guide is a step-by -step guide for using the ChannelOnline Import/Export Wizard. This user guide will show the steps and guidelines for importing and exporting customer records, custom products, custom suppliers, and documents such as Quotes, Sales Orders, and Purchase Orders.


In order to utilize the Import/Export Wizard, first you must meet or have the following criteria:

  • User profile within ChannelOnline with administrative privileges. 
  • If importing data, your import file must be in either DBF or ASCII Tab-Delimited file format. 
  • If exporting data, you will need a file decompressor such as WinZip and Microsoft Excel to view the exported file. 
  • All Pop-Up blocking software must allow pop-ups for domain to properly export files.

General Terms and Acronyms

Provide definitions for all terms and acronyms used in this document that are not commonly known.

Term or



 Documents   Term applies to Quotes, Sales Orders, Invoices and Purchase Orders.
 CNET Supported Product   A product that has a complete Product Technical Specifications sheet and/or inline content. The Technical Sheets are created by CNET’s Data Source group with information acquired directly from the product’s manufacturer.
 Custom Products    Products that are manually created if the product does not appear as a CNET Supported product.
 Suported Suppliers    Suppliers that have been integrated into ChannelOn line and have dedicated setup pages in Admin.
 Custom Suppliers   Suppliers that are manually created if the supplier is not a CNET Supported Supplier.
 File Profile   When importing/exporting data, profiles can be created which saves the mapping information. This to save time so that fields do not have to be manually specified for performing the same import. 


Access the Import/Export Wizard can be found by:

  1. Click on the Admin link in the left menu
  2. Click on Import / Export link.
  3. Click on Import / Export Wizard.

Tools in the Import/Export Wizard

You should now see the following functions of the Import / Export Wizard.

Each Import function has the same structure and steps for importing data.

  1. Upload / Import File – Import existing company data, like customers, contacts and products, from a spreadsheet styled document.
  2. Field Mapping / Import – Map the fields that are present in the import file to existing fields in ChannelOnline.
  3. Import Status – Display of a status bar and updates on page refresh.

Import Files

  • Account Import 
  • Contract Pricing Cost Import
  • Cost Centers Import
  • Custom Items Import 
  • Price Profile Import
  • Custom Supplier Product Import
  • Product Attribute Import


The Export Wizards allow you to export data from ChannelOnline into a spreadsheet for backup purposes or so that you can import your data into your existing accounting, marketing, or contact management, or inventory packages.

All Exports have four steps:

  1. Export Options – To specify the date range or criteria of the data that you want retrieve.
  2. Export Filter – Review the results of the search criteria previously specified.
  3. Field Mapping / Export – To specify which customer detail fields will be exported.
  4. Export Status – Export Status screen will display a status bar and refresh the page every 1-2 seconds to provide the progress.  Once the file is generated a download window will open with a prompt to save the export zip file to an external location. 

Exportable Files:

  • Account Export 
  • Cost Centers (Optional) 
  • Custom Item Export 
  • Document Export
  • Price Profile Export
  • Shopping Engine Export (Optional)
  • Full Catalog Export 

Note: Export process may take some time depending on the size of the file. Do not close the export wizard screen until you receive the "Export Status" confirmation screen.