Frequently Asked Questions

Are tax rates included (determined) when shipping to my clients in another state?

Yes. The tax profile module in ChannelOnline includes the tax rates for all 50 states, The District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. Settings in the tax rate allow you to enable the tax rate for both bill to and ship to addresses.

Can I add custom items into ChannelOnline?

Yes. You can create new custom items one at a time or by importing them through a spreadsheet or CSV file. In addition, you can also customize the product using a custom manufacturer, custom categorization, or custom images.

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Can I create different pricing schemes for different customers?

Yes. Users who have been assigned the rights can create, edit and assign price profiles to their customers. Rules are added by selecting a manufacturer, a category-subcategory, a manufacturer category combination, or a specific manufacturer part number. For all rule types, there are the following methods of calculating price: markup, margin, plus or minus a specific dollar amount, or discount off list. For rules involving a specific manufacturer part number, you can also specify a Sell At rate, which is a hardcoded price that doesn't take into account the cost from the supplier. Pricing can also be edited at the line level when placing a quote or an order. ChannelOnline displays the cost, margin, profit, taxable/non-taxable items and shipping charges as a quote is generated.

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Can I have different shipping pricing apply to different customers?

Yes. Different shipping pricing rules can be assigned to different customers.

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Can I set print settings as defaults so I don’t have to select them every time?

Yes. Print setting defaults can be established for all document types.

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Can the store site be customized to look different for each customer?

No. Each store site is created based on the selected template and everyone that accesses the site will experience the same look and feel. If a customized interface is required for a certain customer or segment of customers, additional store sites can be purchased.

Does ChannelOnline support the creation of bundles or configurations?

Yes. ChannelOnline supports the creation and management of bundles and configurations. Construction of a bundle or setup of items for configuration can be done through Items Admin. Item selection for a product configuration to be added to a quote is handled on the products page. One can also generate a bundle when building a quote/order.

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How is MSRP / List Price determined in ChannelOnline?
Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price, or List Price, becomes available from the multiple supplier feeds integrated into ChannelOnline. MSRP does not come from CNET's DataSource service, the service we use for product data, or from any direct manufacturer feeds. If the values received from suppliers are different, we have an algorithm that determines which supplier value to apply in the system. If there is a change to the MSRP of an item it may take time for that update to propagate through the system. When those values are applied depends on when the suppliers send updated information in their product feed and when our update process runs. Once a supplier file with updated MSRP values is deployed to ChannelOnline, it may take up to 24 hours for those values to be aggregated and applied.

Note: You have the ability to enter a custom MSRP per item via the item edit page. Doing so will not only update the displayed MSRP if the system generated one is not accurate, but works when performing discount off MSRP pricing calculations.
Is there a way for customers to set up orders for approval?

Yes. ChannelOnline’s Company Purchase Approval System (CPAS) is a premium service which allows either the reseller or end customer to set up an approval hierarchy such that some employees at the end customer will need to have their orders approved by one or more employees at their company.

Why are products from the new supplier I just activated not showing up when I search?

You must add the new supplier to each of the price profiles you want those products to appear in before they will show up in search results.

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Why does my customer’s price not match what I set up in the price rule?

There are two major reasons why an end customer’s price may not be what you expect based on the rule(s) you created. The Default Settings section of a Price Profile will have settings related to safeguards regarding the final customer price (i.e. Never allow customer price to exceed list price and Never allow customer price to go below cost). You can enable one, both, or neither of these rules. If the markup/margin rule would put the price above the list price, price will top out at the list price. If you have a discount rule that would put the price below the selected supplier’s cost, the price will bottom out at the cost so you do not potentially sell the item at a loss.

Why does the supplier data in ChannelOnline not match the information on my supplier’s website?

The two most common reasons why supplier data in ChannelOnline does not match the information on the suppliers website are:

  1. The latest supplier feed was not able to be imported because the credentials entered for the supplier in ChannelOnline are no longer valid
  2. The supplier has updated their system but has not made an updated file available to import

Click here for information on setting and validating supplier credentials

Click here for information on checking latest file import and availability

Why is estimated shipping appearing as $0.00 or is lower than what is expected?

Estimated shipping is based on the weight of a product as it is provided in the feeds from the suppliers. Sometimes the suppliers will not provide a weight for a part. As a result, the weight is calculated as 0.00 lbs. You can work around this by manually entering your own shipping estimate or adding a manual supplier to the product which has the correct weight.

Why is tax showing $0.00 or cannot be calculated?

Tax calculations for customers using Default Tax Rate are determined by the Shipping Address. Please confirm tax is being collected for that state in the Tax Profile and then make sure that the City, State, and ZIP code combination is correct. In addition, please ensure that the City and ZIP code values do not have unnecessary white space at the end or beginning of the value.