The Import/Export Wizard was developed to provide an efficient way to import and export your customer, product, and document data to/from ChannelOnline. In order to utilize the Import/Export Wizard, first you must have the following criteria:

  • Account within ChannelOnline with administrative privileges
  • If importing data, your import file must be in either DBF or ASCII Tab-Delimited file format.
  • If exporting data, you will need a file decompressor such as WinZip and Microsoft Excel to view the exported file.
  • All Pop-Up blocking software must allow pop-ups for domain to properly export files.

Each Import function has the same structure and steps for importing data.

  1. Upload / Import File
  2. Field Mapping / Import
  3. Import Status

Each Export function has the same structure and steps for exporting data.

  1. Field Mapping 
  2. Export Status
  3. Download