Understanding Advanced Search Functions

Keywords - entering keywords will result in a search that looks for a match found on ALL words anywhere in the following fields: Description, Product Class, Category and Part Number. Multiple words can be used in a single search term, such as "HP notebook", and the results will take into account if the words are in close proximity to one another. For example, a search on "HP notebook" provides results for "HP Compaq Business Notebook 2510p" before returning results for HP Elitebook 2530p" even though the term "notebook" is in the attributes of the product.

Starts With - selecting this box enables you to search for terms that begin with what you typed. Example; if you typed "note" it will return results that contain the word "note" in them, such as "notebook".

Description Only - selecting this box searches only for the exact terms used in the description fields only. For example a search for "right hand mouse" will look to match all those terms in the description, they may be in any order and not exactly as you typed them.

List Price Range - narrow the results by entering a minimum and maximum list price range for the product results that you are looking for. 

Part Number - These fields allow you to enter in more than one search at a time. The search engine will process these entries as "OR" type searches. For example if you type "CISCO861-K9" in the first box, "mouse" in the second box and "7733pau" in the third box, the search engine will look for "cisco861-k9 OR mouse OR 7733pau" and return all the relative results that match.

Category and/or Manufacturer - these filters allow you to narrow your search query to certain categories and/or manufacturers with your keyword entry. You may choose multiples by using the "Shift" or "Ctrl" keys as you select additional categories or manufacturers. (This text also needs updating on the page itself...to add the Shift part)

In Stock Only - selecting this box limits the displayed results to only products that had a positive stock count within the last 24 hours.