Release Notes

ChannelOnline Release 5.5.0

The 5.5 release of ChannelOnline brings changes to the credit card entry page for all quotes, sales orders and store carts, as well as a brand new Return Merchandise Authorization process. Some minor backend changes have been implemented to improve overall functionality.


Credit Card Hosted Payment Pages

In order to provide the highest level of security and further protect your interests and potential liability, ChannelOnline will now ONLY be workingwith payment gateway providers that offer hosted pages for processing credit cards. For this release the following payment gateways, which are capable of providing the necessary service needed to work with ChannelOnline, have been integrated. The following gateways are available with this release.

New Credit Card Gateway Providers

    • Amazon Payment Services
    • CyberSource (with or without "SecureVault" tokenization)
    • Google Payment
    • Intuit Payment Services
    • Moneris (US & Canada)
    • PayPal
    • PayTrace

To active a Credit Card payment gateway you must go to the Payment Options page, select the correct payment gateway from the Hosted Payment Processors list and select the account setup link. On the setup page for the processor you will be prompted to enter the credentials needed for activation. Save the credentials, then go back in to the Processor setup page and enable them and select save (this will be the second time).

Hosted Order pages will be displayed in ChannelOnline after a user selects Credit Card as the method of patment. Hosted pages very by gateway provider based on the data that they want to collect. See the screenshot for a sample of a hosted order page.

For more information on these payment gateways please go to the Secure Credit Card Processing page or contact Customer Support ( with questions.

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Return Merchandise Authorization

ChannelOnline has added a new document to the interface to facilitate the need for resellers to accept return merchandise from their end customers. This new document, called RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization), will allow resellers to track product returns by adding products that have been purchased by a customer on a sales order to a new document and give them “credit” for the returned product. The addition of this new document required the creation of a complete process flow for managing product returns within ChannelOnline.

Essential RMA processes and related functionality include:

  • Creating an RMA with product from a submitted Sales Order
  • Creating an RMA via a Quote for products not associated with a COL Sales Order
  • Creating an RMA by an end customer on the StoreSite from a Sales Order (via account activity)
  • Creating a Supplier RMA from a customer RMA in COL
  • Creating a Supplier RMA with product from a submitted Purchase Order
  • Ability to search a customer's records for RMAs (on Quotes and Orders and Customer View pages)
  • Ability to generate basic RMA reporting (similar to sales reporting)
  • Sales Profile rule to grant user access to manage RMAs
  • Print and email RMA documents

To activate the use of the new RMA process, please go to the company setting / company info page under Order Processing Defaults and click on the box next to “Enable the creation of RMAs internally and on the StoreSite.”

Detailed documentation on the RMA process can be found in the Help section of ChannelOnline.

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Import HP Value Big Deal & Value Express Pricing

ChannelOnline has expanded the ability of the import external configs by expanding it to include Hewlett Packard quotes within the “Add a Config” functionality when creating a quote. The new ability relies on a standard Excel format for uploading HP Value Big Deals and Value Express Deals. This new format can be downloaded by selecting the sample file link next to the options. To activate this functionality go to Admin > Company Settings > Order Processing Default, and select the proper deal import under "Enable External Quote Imports".

On the popup window select the appropriate HP deal to import, browse for the document and select "Save". Items imported from the quote will not be able to be modified separately.

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UNSPSC Profile Update

Combined use of both the UNSPSC Profile and the CNET UNSPSC for better product coverage. Logic now being applied works as follows:
> CNET Default Version (if selected from dropdown)
> UNSPSC Profile Rule
> UNSPSC Default Code

NOTE: Neither the Default Version nor the code are mandatory.

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QuickBooks Enterprise

In this release we have expanded our Intuit QuickBooks Connector coverage from Pro and Premier to include QuickBooks Enterprise support. Resellers who are using or are looking to upgrade to QuickBooks Enterprise will now be able to exchange Products, Customers, Quotes, Sales Orders, Invoices and Purchase Orders.

Special instructions are available for resellers migrating from Pro or Premier to the Enterprise version. Please contact support for details (

QuickBooks Preferences Improvements

For Resellers already familiar with using the connector with the Pro and Premier versions, we have added the ability to set default accounts for non-inventory items as well as shipping and handling fees. QuickBooks Connector Preferences Improvements include:

  • Individual non-inventory item settings for Account, Income Account, and Expense Account
  • Shipping and handling fee settings for Sales Orders, Invoices and a separate setting for Purchase Orders
  • Separate document notes enablement for internal and external quote/order notes fields
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XML Schema Update

For resellers using the optional XML service, the ChannelOnline XML Schema has been updated to accommodate the changes in the credit card handling and the new RMA documents. The changes should not interfere with existing implementations and is backwards compatible. To obtain an updated version of the schema, send an email request to customer support (