Release Notes

ChannelOnline Release 5.5.1

The 5.5.1 release of ChannelOnline brings a supplier upgrade, changes to the payment options page, and some minor backend changes have been implemented to improve overall functionality.


Black Box Upgrades to Real-time Price, Availability and Order Placement

Great news! Black Box’s relationship with ChannelOnline has grown—now resellers can make purchase orders via ChannelOnline. This new capability saves time and simplifies purchasing.

Current ChannelOnline subscribers know they can access the most current information, pricing, and inventory on the entire Black Box product line. But now they can also order through ChannelOnline. Black Box resellers using ChannelOnline can:

  • Integrate Black Box products into their back-end quoting and ordering system
  • Receive the latest product information on more than 25,000 networking products
  • Get daily pricing, inventory, and product information updates
  • Upload the entire Black Box product line to their Storesite
  • Simplify their quoting and purchasing process - it's all at thier fingertips

To become a Black Box reseller, contact Diane Magin at 724-873-6662. Existing Black Box resellers can contact Meghan Damico at 724-873-7038 to get set up to receive catalog uploads, real-time P&A and electronic ordering for your ChannelOnline account.


Legacy Credit Card Payment Processing Disabled

In order to provide the highest level of security and further protect your interests and potential liability, ChannelOnline will now ONLY be workingwith payment gateway providers that offer hosted pages for processing credit cards.

To active a Credit Card payment gateway that supports the hosted page method you must go to the Payment Options page, select the correct payment gateway from the Hosted Payment Processors list and select the account setup link. On the setup page for the processor you will be prompted to enter the credentials needed for activation.

Hosted Order pages will be displayed in ChannelOnline after a user selects Credit Card as the method of payment. Hosted pages vary by gateway provider based on the data that they want to collect. See the screenshot for a sample of a hosted order page.

For more information on these payment gateways please go to the Secure Credit Card Processing page or contact Customer Support ( with questions.

View Screenshot


QuickBooks Improvements

In this release we have made some modifications to improve connector performance and data synchronization. These include:

  • Ability set the customer job in ChannelOnline to only synchronize customers to QuickBooks that have documents associated with them.
  • Updated the .qwc file generation to be compatible with previously versions of Pro, Premier and Enterprise
  • Correction to synchronized Invoices allowing the display of the QuickBooks name and key on the Synced Items page
  • Fixed timeout issue where resellers with large amounts of Customers or Documents would not be able to complete the synchronization process
  • Customer edits in QuickBooks instead of ChannelOnline now stay in synch
  • Added an option that envokes the customer job to run every time the connector is run