Release Notes

ChannelOnline Release 5.6.0

The 5.6 release of ChannelOnline brings a NEW look to the application on both the internal-facing experience and the customer-facing StoreSite. The StoreSite changes include new administration features and provide more layout choices, skins, and components to help you brand and market your store. We’ve also added two new suppliers and made some minor backend changes to improve overall functionality.


Inside and Out

In order to provide more flexibility in the presentation of ChannelOnline, we have made visual improvements that affect the look of the Administration section and the front-end StoreSites. All the familiar functionality is still there and in its proper place - it just looks better. The StoreSite Admin section contains a new layout and new features as they relate to the StoreSite upgrades. New things you can expect to see in Admin:

  • Alphabetized left navigation Admin menu
  • New accordion micro-pages in StoreSite Admin
  • New StoreSite selection dropdown in the Admin header
  • New Product Selectors for 'Ink & Toner' and 'Batteries & Power' categories
  • Updated Product Selector's 'Memory' category
  • New Logout / My Account dropdown in header
  • New ChannelOnline logo
  • New imagery and icons for Admin Home Page navigation and Product Tab categories
Preview Screenshot of ChannelOnline Admin's New Look and Feel



Preview Store

PLEASE NOTE: Before implementing any new StoreSite changes please go to the new Preview Store to get familiar with the new options and settings. Making changes to your live StoreSite WILL HAVE IRREVERSIBLE RESULTS.

All ChannelOnline resellers are receiving a Preview Store to help them learn about the new features and components that they can add to their store. This is NOT a real active store. The Preview Store can be found by going to StoreSite Admin.

Each Preview Store can only be private and can only be accessed by the auto generated Preview User customer with the following credentials:

Preview Store User:

  • Login =
  • Password = PreviewUs3r


StoreSite Admin

ChannelOnline is proud to now provide more StoreSite Look-and-Feel options. To accomplish this, we have divided up StoreSite Admin into four different sections: Settings, Layout, Appearance and Components.

Settings: This section contains most of the basic settings for your StoreSite, including your setup information, defaults, messaging and product display options.

Settings, StoreSite Admin Screenshot

Layout: Choose your columns, search location, and upload sample content

Layout, StoreSite Admin Screenshot

Appearance: Pick your style, color scheme and font type.

Appearance, StoreSite Admin Screenshot

Components: These are content modules that can be enabled to appear on the StoreSite. The following components are available with ChannelOnline 5.6:

  • Three starter templates (for new stores)

  • Layout options for one, two, and three columns (new and existing)

  • Social icon support for FaceBook, Twitter and LinkedIn

  • Business certification and affiliate logo spots

  • Spotlight carousal for up to 20 products

  • Banner carousal for up to 8 clickable banners

  • Featured products in grid layout, supporting up to 20 products

  • Skin options: None, Block, Rounded and Shaded

  • Simplified color schemes and selector: None, Business, Natural and Clean
Components, StoreSite Admin Screenshot


New Components

The following components have been added to the new Components tab within StoreSite Admin.

  • Marketing Carousel – The Marketing Carousel appears on the home page and enables you to upload up to 8 banner images that can be flipped through at a click of a button. It will appear below the support messages and Custom HTML block.

  • Spotlight Carousel – The Spotlight Carousel appears on the home page and enables you to upload up to 20 banner images that can be flipped through at a click of a button. It will appear below the Custom HTML block and the Marketing Carousel.

  • Featured Products grid layout – You can now choose to have up to 20 featured products display in a grid layout or line-by-line. Featured Products appear below all above listed components.

  • Social Icon support – Depending on layout, the social icons, linked to your pages on those sites, will appear in the left navigation pane or the footer.

  • Business Logo placement – Help promote your business by adding certification, award or business related logos to your StoreSite. Examples of logos that could be uploaded include Microsoft Certified Partner, The Better Business Bureau or ASCII Group Membership.

  • Product Selectors – Product Selectors for Ink & Toner, Batteries & Power, and Memory have been introduced into ChannelOnline as a free feature. 1WorldSync Content Solutions reserves the right to solicit and promote vendor sponsors for the Product Selectors. You many choose to activate or deactivate the Selectors at any time.

  • Footer links - Pricing Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, and Terms and Conditions are now available as Footer links.
  • Sample Content

Sample content is available for all the components of the StoreSite. New StoreSites will get sample content pre-populated into the starter template selected. To activate sample content for existing StoreSites, select "Load Components and Sample Content" in StoreSite Admin > Layout section and then select the type of content you would like to load. Loading sample content WILL OVERRIDE any existing content you have already established for your StoreSite. Sample content is available for the following components:

  • Social Links – links to FaceBook, LinkedIn and Twitter are inserted

  • Business Contact Info – we pull your company name and your customer support email address

  • Business Logos – three blank placeholder images will be inserted in the footer

  • Top 10 Manufacturers for Browse Menu (Right Column) – manufacturers are based on all ChannelOnline activity
Sample Content, StoreSite Home Tab
  • Top 10 Categories for Browse Menu (Right Column) – categories are based on all ChannelOnline activity

  • Banner Carousel – three placeholder marketing banners will be inserted in the marketing carousel on the home page

  • Custom HTML – sample custom HTML will be inserted (based on starter template for new stores) into the custom HTML field of the home page.

  • Top 20 Products for Spotlite and Featured Products (from the Systems category, across all of ChannelOnline)

Sample Content for NEW stores only (through the Starter Template):

  • Business Logo - a placeholder logo will appear in the left side of the header

  • Co-brand Logo – a placeholder logo will appear in the left margin

  • Support Messages on the home page

  • Custom links – three generic links will appear in the top, left, right and bottom of the store

  • Default Messaging – sample text for the Welcome Message, Pricing Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, and Terms and Conditions



NEW - Account Services Section

Business owners and those with Billing Contact status with 1WorldSync Content Solutions can now view make payments, update credit cards for billing, and view invoices by signing into ChannelOnline. This new section is viewable to only those with the Account Services access right enabled. For those with access they will see the Account Services link in the left navigation menu.



Increased Search Results

Product Search results have been increased from 15 to 20.

NEW SUPPLIERS // InstanceEndEditable

Core3 Technologies with Catalog Integration.

Core 3 Logo

Core 3 Technologies is the leading Value Added Distributor of computer hardware and networking equipment in the U.S. The company provides customers access to millions in excess inventory and strategic drop shipping from bi-coastal distribution centers. Through exceptional service and reliability, the company has developed strategic partnerships with hundreds of VARS nationwide. For more information, visit Core 3’s website at, or call 949-529-5377.

Netria Corporation with Catalog Integration

Netria Logo

Netria Corporation is an open-market second sourcing distributor that delivers competitively priced IT products to the VAR and technology integrator market. They help to find products that are discontinued, constrained or hard to get. They can also save you money on products that you are normally buying through distribution. They maintain knowledge of where specific IT products reside, at the best possible market price. After shifting purchases over to their open marketing sourcing strategy, many resellers report winning more deals and doubling profits on new bids. If you can’t find it or need more margin to win a deal, give them a call!
603-772-7122 -