Release Notes

ChannelOnline Release 5.6.1

The 5.6.1 release of ChannelOnline brings some new features and some minor backend changes to improve functionality and end-customer experience.



LeaseStation is an IT Equipment Lease Management Company specializing in providing complete sales finance solutions for technology equipment manufacturers, distributors, and product resellers. Resellers can now offer end-customers, via ChannelOnline, a way to finance their large purchases through quotes, sales orders, and invoices so that they can keep more cash on hand for their businesses. LeaseStation makes it easy for resellers by completing all the necessary paperwork and working directly with the end customer on the reseller’s behalf in financing the lease. All you have to do is simply activate the option, and then LeaseStation does the rest.

To take advantage of the ChannelOnline/LeaseStation leasing program in the ChannelOnline Software go to Admin, Payment Options, then under "Lease Providers", in the "Lease Partner" table, select the LeaseStation enable/disable link. On the following page (see below) there are two option boxes and a place to set a markup rate. The top option box is checked when you wish to use LeaseStation leasing and the second option box is checked if you want lease quotes to automatically be attached to completed terms based sales orders. If you need assistance, please contact a support representative at

Screenshot of LeaseStation Setup Page

For more information on LeaseStation, please visit


Dell Store Support

Dell Premier Connections – Resellers that have a personalized hosted Dell Store can now use that store in conjunction with their ChannelOnline storesite. Customers can click a link posted on your storesite that takes them to the Dell Store. There they can configure the Dell product they want and then bring it back to the ChannelOnline storesite for ordering.

QuickBooks Improvements

QuickBooks Beta support added - Customers using the QuickBooks connector have the option of participating in a release beta by downloading a QWC file during the beta period and adding it to the connector. You will then have two options in the connector, one for regular use and another for use during beta periods.

ChannelOnline will now copy a customer’s first and last name into Billing and Shipping fields if the those name fields have been left blank.

Hewlett Packard Value Big Deals / VEP

HP Big Deal, VEP and VAL pricing imports will use the Buy Price as the maximum customer price for the order. If the item prices do not add up exactly when imported, ChannelOnline will make the total amount on the quote the total amount that was specified in the uploaded config file.

Config Upload Pop-up Window



  • An error message is now returned when no export filters are specified for document export. This will prompt the user to select a filter.
  • General updates have been made to improve overall search performance
  • Issue with payment options not appearing when specified at the contact level has been resolved.
  • The root cause of the periodic page error, which occurred when supplier PO RMAs were generated from existing Sales RMAs, has been fixed.