Release Notes

ChannelOnline Release 5.7.0

The 5.7 release of ChannelOnline brings new integration improvements and back end changes to improve functionality and business process experience.


Autotask Integration
Autotask Corporation provides a leading hosted IT business management software to streamline and optimize business processes for technology solution providers. The software integrates a broad range of critical business systems, including customer relationship management (CRM), service desk, tech scheduling, project management, billing and reporting, and provides real-time service delivery intelligence to help users understand the factors that drive their business and their profitability. Autotask is accessible from virtually any computer or mobile device connected to the internet and features a world-class API that seamlessly integrates with the other systems and tools that providers rely on to run their businesses.

Key Integration Benefits

  • Import/Export Customers and Contacts between Autotask and ChannelOnline

  • Export Products, Quotes and Sales Orders from ChannelOnline into Autotask opportunities

Autotask Dashboard in Admin

To subscribe to the ChannelOnline/Autotask integration in the ChannelOnline Software, please contact your sales representative. Once activated, if you need assistance, please contact a support representative at

For more information about Autotask Corporation visit


LeaseStation Process Update

Activate LeaseStation for FREE and increase your sales revenue!

LeaseStation Logo Now with ChannelOnline, resellers can keep more cash on hand for their business by offering end-customers a way to finance their large purchases through quotes, sales orders, and invoices. LeaseStation makes it easy for resellers by completing all the necessary paperwork and working directly with the end customer on the reseller’s behalf in financing the lease. This latest update to the integration provides you with up to the minute status information on where the lease application is throughout the leasing process, plus it will update your order with the leasing agent PO and billing address once completed. All you have to do is simply activate the option, and then LeaseStation does the rest.

LeaseStation is an IT Equipment Lease Management Company specializing in providing complete sales finance solutions for technology equipment manufacturers, distributors, and product resellers.

To take advantage of the ChannelOnline/LeaseStation leasing program in the ChannelOnline Software, go to Admin, Payment Options, then under "Lease Providers" in the "Lease Partner" table, select the LeaseStation enable/disable link. On the following page (see below), one may do the following:

A) Enable LeaseStation as a payment option with the Enable checkbox
B) Add a markup rate to the leasing table rates to earn additional revenue
C) Check if you want lease quotes to be automatically attached to completed terms based sales orders
D) Enable the ability to send lease applications from the support page (no other updates will occur until the order gets converted into a sales order)
E) Send LeaseStation a nightly batch of all quotes so they may be reviewed for leasing opportunities

If you need assistance, please contact a support representative at

Screenshot of LeaseStation Setup Page

For more information on LeaseStation, please visit

QuickBooks Improvements

A number of minor improvements have been made to make data exchange between the applications easier. These modifications include:

  • Address lines on documents and customers will be automatically truncated to QuickBooks import limits during the export transaction.

  • Manual line items use the same settings as the default item type selected in the QuickBooks setup section. If non-inventory is the default item type, then all other non-inventory settings will be used when creating manual line items from documents. This includes the setting for using the same item on sales and purchases. The COGS accounts will also be the same as other non-inventory items.

  • The Ship Via to QuickBooks now includes the carrier and the method truncated down to 15 characters. ChannelOnline has created truncated descriptions to assist in naming consistency (this is a QuickBooks limitation).

  • Providing Tax Group support and the mapping of taxes to existing accounts without ChannelOnline having to create new tax accounts on the fly.

XML API Transaction Update

Two important changes are being made to the XML export document request in the ChannelOnline 5.7 release:

  • All quote and sales order XML requests must specify an event range or “after” and “before” date and time stamp in the Quote or Sales Order request after the ChannelOnline 5.7 release. Transactions submitted without this information will not get processed.

  • ChannelOnline will start limiting XML document requests to a maximum of 500 documents per request. Use the above “after” and “before” method when requesting large or small data sets via XML.


Arbitech Canada

Arbitech LogoArbitech, a world-leading independent distributor of data center products and a valuable complement to conventional distribution options, has expanded their ChannelOnline reseller support to include Canada. Now ChannelOnline's Canadian resellers can integrate available Arbitech products into their customer catalogs.

To set up Arbitech Canada, go to the Arbitech Account Setup page in the Supplier section of Admin, enter the appropriate credentials, select Enable Supplier and click Save.


Import / Export

  • Custom Item Import has a new Auto-Create Manufacturer option that will create manufacturers that don't already exist in the ChannelOnline database.

  • Custom Supplier Item Import has a new option that will bulk update existing SKUs and delete the ones that are not in the current file. This helps to get rid of SKUs that are no longer supported from the catalog.

  • The Progress Bar display page no longer refreshes every 2 seconds and instead allows the user to control when the page gets refreshed. Manual control eliminates the disruption and system resources that the automatic two second refresh cycle was taking away from browser performance.