Release Notes

ChannelOnline Release 5.8.0

The 5.8 release of ChannelOnline brings new integration improvements and back end changes to improve functionality and business process experience.


Dashboard Views

ChannelOnline 5.8 introduces an updated My Channel and new Company View dashboards that incorporate graphs and charts for your most-viewed information. Updates to the dashboard include:

My Channel Dashboard

The landing page for all users now allows you to control the type and format of data that you want to see through a My Preferences page under My Account. New features include:

  • Document-grouped statistic modules for quotes, sales orders, follow-up docs, RMAs, invoices and purchase orders
  • Charts and graphs available for displaying document statistics - line, pie, horizontal and vertical bar, or plain text
  • Special sales chart for a combined side by side view of quotes, sales orders and invoice numbers
  • To Do List, available on the dashboard and on it’s own page under My Account, where you can enter tasks, prioritize them, and check them off when completed
  • My Preferences page under My Account for search and dashboard display settings

Company View Dashboard

The Company View tab is dedicated to providing company-level sorted data. Features on the Company View include:

  • Company-based sales charts for Quotes by Sales Rep, Sales Orders by Sales Rep, Invoices by Sales Rep, and Purchase Order Trends
  • User right controlled access
  • Charts and graphs available for displaying document statistics - line, pie, horizontal and vertical bar or plain text

My Channel Dashboard


My Preferences Page

The addition of the My Preferences page in the My Account section allows you to control what is displayed in the updated My Channel and new Company View dashboards.

In the My Preferences page, you can set up:

  • The the number of search results you want to have returned on pages from 10, 20, 35, 50 or 75
  • The display options for the To Do List and the Supplier Price File view
  • Your My Channel and Company View permission settings (access to certain document and company views may be restricted by access rights)

My To Do List

This section offers a way to modify your To Do List, which can be enabled through the My Preferences section to display on the My Channel dashboard. You can edit existing tasks, create new ones or delete ones from your history.



RMA Process Improvements

Updated RMA document process:

  • New document tab for quick access to all RMA documents - All RMAs, Current Customer, and Supplier RMAs
  • New approval rights - breaking out those that can create RMAs from those that can approve and decline them
  • The Reports section now includes a dedicated section for RMA reports
  • End-customers can no longer select the payment method; the payment method used on the order will be assigned to the RMA
  • Can now control the ability to create RMAs at the storesite level
  • A locked order no longer needs to be unlocked to create an RMA
  • RMA reasons are now required by line item


Reports RMA section




  • Added the ability to select which customer Type to import into ChannelOnline. For example, only import Type = Client
  • Improved the process for importing customer information from Autotask for over 500 records



  • Added the ability to assign ConnectWise Territories to your ChannelOnline Sales Reps


Dell Punchout

  • Added support for Dell Punchouts enabled with line item detail on their order requisitions back to Dell



General Items


  • From the shopping cart, users will now return to the last item page instead of the main shopping page after clicking on the "Continue Shopping" link
  • Added the "Update, Add, and Delete option" to Custom Item Import
  • Improved the matching of HP Part Numbers within a Big Deal import
  • Configuration issue where all options are visible despite comparability settings when options are selected out of order


  • Font and layout differences when converting documents into PDFs
  • Expanded the horizontal text section for terms and conditions on quotes sent via email
  • Error when syncing documents with configs in them with QuickBooks
  • Improved the quality of images on documents converted to PDF
  • Custom Item manufacturer names are now appearing on the sales order document when custom items are added
  • Issue behind incidences of credit card processor call-back urls resulting in crashed pages
  • Pricing Disclaimer and Terms and Conditions are now visible even if a user has not logged in