Release Notes

ChannelOnline Release 5.8.1

The 5.8.1 release of ChannelOnline brings some new marketing functionality and some minor backend changes to improve functionality and end customer experience.


Promotional Codes and Coupons

ChannelOnline now offers the ability to generate a coupon code and apply it to a quote or cart in order to offer a set dollar or percentage discount off the sub-total.

To provide this functionality a new admin module called 'Marketing' was added. You can use this new module to add a coupon code which may be applied against orders in the coupons valid date range.

Access rights are in place to limit who can create promo codes / coupons either in the Marketing module or directly on a quote.

Setting the markup or margin on an entire quote

Now at the bottom of a quote page in the Totals section on the left side you can set the margin or markup for the entire quote. Just enter the amount, chose the either markup or margin and click apply. The amount you set will be applied to all the lines on your quote.

Self Registration Create Password

StoreSite Users will now be redirected to a page where they can set their password while creating an account instead of having to wait for the password email.

Users will still receive an email with a password link that will be valid for 24 hours even if they set a password during account creation.

Added Suppliers

D&H in Canada
BAFO in United States