Release Notes

ChannelOnline Release 6.2.0

The 6.2 Release of ChannelOnline brings RMA workflow improvements, document revisions, a new supplier and series of back-end changes to enhance functionality and the business process experience.


Document Templates & Delivery

* If you started using ChannelOnline in 2014 you can ignore this message. *

For ALL customers that have not activated the template driven documnet delivery system that was delivered in the 6.0.5 and enhanced in the 6.1 releases. As this Friday your shortcut will be placed into the Trial mode of the new functionality without the ability to turn it off. This switch is in preparation for the deactivation of the old system in early Q4 of this year.

The primary effect of this activation is that you will see a new option called 'Send' in the footer action bar on the document pages. Selecting 'Send' will bring up the Document Delivery screen that includes a live preview of the finished document which you can review before sending, printing, or downloading as a PDF directly to your hard drive. When emailing, downloading, or printing any document, the template selector allows you to choose from a list of 'active' templates for formatting your document.

A selection of ChannelOnline default template designs have been proveded for quick and easy use, but you can customize your customer's experience by creating and enabling your own custom templates. After selecting a template, there are a number of familiar and new document print options to select to help finish the document. Some of these new options include showing product images, terms and conditions, and percent discount-off a product's list/MSRP price.

For more information on the Document Delivery feature please refer to

Document Workflow Improvements

Customer RMAs

Big improvements were made to how RMAs work in ChannelOnline with better item linking between documents. Like creating a PO, RMAs can be started by selecting a line(s) from a sales order and clicking 'Create RMA' from the line action drop down at the top of the product table. This will prompt you to either create a new RMA, add the lines to an existing RMA, and select the qty of that itme. Whichever option is chosen, the item will be linked back to the original order and qty. Also, the original item notes from the sales order will be carried over to the RMA.

The second way to create an RMA is from the Customer View page where you can also search for RMAs in the document results. Other key RMA information:

  • Improved workflow for customer RMAs follows this path: open, submit, authorize, approve/partially approve/decline, finalize.
  • Once an RMA is submitted, either internally or from the StoreSite, it can be authorized for acceptance, but final approval is provided in a separate step.
  • Line level quantity approval is now available. Example: submitted 5, approved 4.
  • Improved RMA reason codes, at fault party, and item condition fields.
  • Access to activity logging for RMA documents has been added to the sub-tabs at the top of document page.

Supplier RMAs

Creating a supplier RMA from a customer RMA links the two documents and automatically updates approved qaunties from the sRMA back to the customer RMA. More supplier RMA updaes include:
  • Supplier RMA list is now under the Purchase Order tab.
  • Creation of a supplier RMA from Supplier View in the new Supplier tab.
  • Document linking at the line level from PO to supplier RMA (sRMA) for sRMAs created from the PO.

Document Templates

Continued improvements have been made to the Document Template creation capabilities in Admin > Document Templates. These include:

  • Addition of custom templates for use with customer RMAs (like quotes and orders)
  • Inclusion of RMAs default template selection to print preferences. To set up your default template and settings got to My Account > My preferences > Print / Email Settings. From there, select the template you want to use from the RMA drop down, and set the corresponding settings for default when you hit Send on the document.
  • Updated the company address component to include all default reseller addresses (primary busines, billing, shipping, and remit to)
  • System E-mail database merge fields have been added for use in the HTML/text editor component.
  • Adding rows when building templates can now also be accomplished by clicking on the '+' symbol for that row, selecting to add the new row above or below the current one, and for how many columns you want in that row..
  • Placing a border around multiple components in a single row can now be done by selecting the component edit icon on a component in that row.


ONLY available for all documents created after the 6.2 release with accounts using the document viewer (Send link/button) for documents. Quotes can be reverted back to an older version of that document by selecting the Revert icon next to the wanted version in the revisions table. To get to the revisions table click on the Revisions sub-tab at the top of the document.
  • The View icon next to the revision allows you to print, email, or save an older version as a PDF.

Punchout Document Support

Purchase Orders & Invoices

Funtionality for end customers connecting to the storesite via a punchout has been expanded beyond the basic product return to their procurement system. With this release you will be able to provided your customers with the option to submit their internal Purchase Order (PO) back to your ChanelOnline storesite. This allows you to capture the order straight into Admin for processing and product procurement.

After you have delivered the products and/or services, you can now also send an Invoice from ChannelOnline back to your end customers procurement system.

CPAS (Customer Purchase Approval System)


Using CPAS for end customers managing their own approval rules for ordering product just got easier.
  • On the storesite CPAS now provides an expired quote message/notification on the page for end users: "This order has expired, please copy to a new cart and resubmit to place your order."
  • Submitted orders now have 7 additional days to process if document expiration dates are used.
  • The issue causing the CPAS approval logs not to show up on the admin side has been resolved.

Suppliers & Partners


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ConnectWise Updates

  • Admins can now assign a ConnectWise User Territory to a Channelonline SalesRep user in the ConnectWise integration setup section. To do this go to Admin > Integrations > ConnectWise > Connection > Map SalesReps within ChannelOnline to ConnectWise Users
  • The bundle quantity syncing issue from ChannelOnline to ConnectWise has been resolved
  • Stage and Probability document fields introduced in 6.1 are now mapped to the ConnectWise opportunity

Minor improvements, Issues & Fixes

Additional Improvements

  • Top Navigation has a new "Suppliers" tab for accessing supplier information. It functions like the Customers tab providing access to the Supplier List and the Supplier View pages.
  • Invoice access rights have been separated from Quote and Sales Order rights.
  • When using the Generic Shipping options, selections made from storesire will now be displayed on the sales order document viewed in Admin next to the Shipping Method on the header.

Log into ChannelOnline and visit the Release Notes page for a full list of improvements.


  • Resolved an issue where the internal "Order Submitted Notification" to Salesrep email template was missing for some accounts.
  • Corrected a QuickBooks error associated with syncing customers with the default payment method as Credit Card.
  • Rectified the issue submitting orders to Tech Data where the customer address exceeded the max limit accepted for submission.
  • Reverted back to not include cancelled orders when running a report for Orders (all); Cancelled orders are still available via a separate option.

Log into ChannelOnline and visit the Release Notes page for a full list of fixed issues.

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