Release Notes

ChannelOnline Release 6.3.0

The 6.3 Release of ChannelOnline brings Invoice workflow improvements, a new handling of services and labor items, setting a customer favorites list, and a series of back-end changes to enhance functionality and the business process experience.


Document Templates & Delivery

* If you started using ChannelOnline in 2014 you can ignore this message. *

For ALL customers who have not activated the template driven document delivery system that was delivered on and enhanced after the 6.0.5 release.

Based on customer feedback and readiness, we have chosen to extend the trial mode period to the end of January 2015. This means that there is more time to customize and prepare your templates and try them before the official cutoff.

A selection of ChannelOnline default template designs have been provided for quick and easy use. However, you can customize your customers' experience by creating and enabling your own custom templates. For more information on the Document Delivery feature, please refer to:

Document Workflow Improvements


Big improvements were made to the way Invoices work in ChannelOnline, including better item linking between documents. Similar to creating POs and RMAs, Invoices can now be started by selecting a line(s) from a sales order and clicking 'Create Invoice' from the line action drop down at the top of the product table. This will prompt you to either create a new Invoice or select the qty of that item. Whichever option is chosen, the item will be linked back to the original order and qty. Linking the two documents automatically calculates the number of items left on a Sales Order to be Invoiced. Also, the original item notes from the sales order will be carried over to the Invoice.

The second way to create an Invoice is from the familiar "Convert to Invoice" link in the action footer of the sales order page. It is recommended that this be used for the conversion of all lines on a sales order.

Other key Invoice information:

  • Create and bill for product as soon as it shipped, no waiting for all items.
  • Invoices have a unique document numbering system.
  • Improved workflow for Invoices follows this path: Create, Unpaid / Partial Pay, Paid, Finalize, Delete.
  • Record and track payments to an invoice with the new Payment Window.
  • Line level quantity creation is now available (Example: ordered 5, invoiced 3).


Invoices get a unique numbering system. Example: the sales order can be 5989, and the invoice can be 10878. Adopted document number from the Sales Order.
Individual lines can be used to create invoices (Select One dropdown on product table), or all lines can be used to create the invoice (Convert to Invoice in footer). All lines from the SO went to the Invoice.
Setup to only allow invoices to be created for shipped and delivered items (off by default). Converted to invoice regardless of shipping status.
Payment window for accepting multiple payments (does not process CC’s that is done at the quote to SO conversion). No payment window, no ability to track payments.
PO links are not associated with the Invoice, they remain with the original Sales Order (that’s where the PO creation happens). Only the SO link is available on an Invoice. PO links were visible because the sales order and invoice were the same document.
View Invoices link on SO to view associated invoices. N/A
Set the default number of days to calculate Past Due for those not on net terms. N/A


Line Item Inovice Creation

From a Sales Order, convert all line items to shipped status (use the “Show Ship/Track Info” check box to activate).

Once all the items are shipped, create an invoice for a select line item by clicking check the box to the left of the item and selecting ‘Create Invoice’ from the product table action drop down. Then select ‘Go'.

On the “Create Invoice” pop-up, enter the number if items you'd like to invoice in the Quantity box. This can only be up to the total qty remainind to be invoiced from the SO. Then hit the "Create Inovice" button.

From the Invoice document always:

  • Confirm the Totals applied to the invoice are correct (tax, shipping, miscellaneous and total). Tax, Shipping and Miscelaneous fields are calculated by dividing the total order value from the total line item value, not based on the actual from the line of the SO.
  • Confirm that the Payments Window pop-up contains the correct payment type and totals for that invoice.

Use the Sales Order link at the item line level to return to the original sales order.

Create Invoice Window

The complete Invoice User Guide will be available in the Help Center (link in upper right corner of header) after release.

Service & Labor Items

ChannelOnline has improved the functionality of service and labor items in the system. Service and Labor improvements include:
  • New Service and Labor items have a separate search function. They are not part of the old products catalog (old services and labor items will still be found there).
  • Service items allow for the establishment of performance frequency, billing frequency and unit cost. Enhanced service types: One Time, Re-occurring, Scheduled, and Block Hour.
  • Estimated Payment Schedules can be viewed on the Sales Order and added to documents for sending.
  • Labor items allow for the establishment of performance frequency, billing rate, period, and associated personnel role.
  • Labor 'Roles' can now be managed through Personnel Admin with add, edit, and delete abilities.
  • Tags can be assigned to products to filter search results.
  • Default UNSPSC codes can be assigned to both.
  • New global rules have been added to the Price Profiles to support these items.

To use the new Service and Labor items go to Admin > Items Admin and select either Service or Labor

New Services Tab View




A new Services tab has been added for quickly accessing active service and labor items created through the new process. To assist in finding the right sevice, users can filter by the new filter tags functionality associated with service and labor items.

Products Admin has been renamed Items Admin and has been split into sections for Labor, Products and Services.


Shipping Notifications

System is now capable of sending automated ship notifications to end-customers through a customizable email template on the back end (System Emails). This feature also provides SalesReps with notifications upon login of the recently shipped items. A new notification yellow icon has been added in the upper left next to the green document notice icon. Notifications can take up to 15 minutes to appear.

Customers & Contacts

Customer Favorites List Management

Similar to how users can create a Favorites List for their own use, SalesReps can create them for their customers. From the new Favorites Admin in the Admin section, you can create new lists of products that can be assigned to a specific account on the account page just like assigning catalogs.

To create customer favorites go to Admin > Favorites Admin. Assinging a favorites list is done at the customer company level on the customer edit page.

Suppliers & Partners

ScanSource - Now With Realtime P&A

Scan Source Logo

Resellers sourcing products from ScanSource will now benefit from the real-time price and availablility check that is performed when selecting Live Cost update on the sales order document.

ABOUT ScanSource

ScanSource, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCSC) is a leading international distributor of specialty technology products, focusing on point-of-sale (POS) and barcode, communications and physical security solutions. ScanSource is committed to helping its reseller customers choose, configure, and deliver the industry's best products across almost every vertical market in North America, Latin America and Europe. For more information, visit

Minor Improvements, Issues & Fixes

Additional Improvements

  • A new Role Management section has been added to the Personnel Admin section to create, edit and delete roles for employees and labor items.
  • Document level custom fields can now be assigned to a specific doc type. This allows different document custom fields to be created for sales orders than for RMAs.
  • Added a generic field to the totals section of quotes, sales orders and invoices called "Miscellaneous" to be used for fees that might not be captured by the current tax and shipping fields. This field is activated and the name is customizable in Company Settings.
  • Scratchpad is working with new templates and Send feature.
  • Document Activity log now captures Storesite user name with activity.
  • XML Additions (upgrade to 6.3 version to get this field in the response):
    • miscAmount - we added new optional field at the doc level to capture the new Miscellaneous field that was added to the totals section of the documents
    • serviceDetails - optional line item field to capture the new service item details (Service Interval, Billing Period, Service Type, Start Date, End Date)
    • laborDetails - optional line item field to capture the new labor item details (Labor Type)

Log into ChannelOnline and visit the Release Notes page for a full list of improvements.


  • IP address verification not always populating on e-sign forms.
  • Global shipping on store was not selecting the proper carrier on the backend. (Example Fedex Ground was switching to FedEx Overnight).
  • The Quote Totals section on Proposals was displaying an incorrect tax value.
  • E-sign date field selector was making the field un-editable in some instances.
  • Vary rare issue on not being able to save Edit Customer entries.

Log into ChannelOnline and visit the Release Notes page for a full list of fixed issues.