Release Notes

ChannelOnline Release 7.2.0

Customer Release Notes


Release 7.2 is the accumulation of many front-end and back-end improvements and updates that will affect how users work within the application. Find out more about the latest features, changes, and fixes in ChannelOnline in the detailed notes below.

  • Select a date range
  • Select an account
  • View by Summary
  • Then Graph by Line
  • Subtotal (select best one)
  • Then plot by Amount
  • Save report
  • Go to My Preferences
  • In the General section, select the Edit button
  • Select a dashboard to edit
  • In a blank component spot, hit the Plus icon to add components
  • Find your new report in the available reports and save
  • Select Save and Exit to see your report on the dashboard

    • External Files – This is the existing ability to attach files hosted outside of ChannelOnline via links with an assigned link name onto a document.
    • Attach Files – The NEW ability to upload a file that is associated with a document into ChannelOnline for later retrieval. This new feature allows you to:
      • Upload and name a file to associate with a document
      • Retrieve the document for download or view from the document view in ChannelOnline
      • Support for these format types: .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .pdf, .txt, .rtf, .html, .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .ppt


    Fixed an issue where manual line item default category and manufacturer would disappear after saving.


    • Added the line level calculator feature to the Standard Plus page.


    Activity Log Entries

    Activity log for customer entries is similar to what we have for documents to track activity around the account, such as deletions, changing of Account Managers, and merges. With this release, we introduce logging for the following events:

    • Contact adds, edits, and deletes
    • Payment option changes
    • Default billing and shipping address adds, edits, and deltes
    • Account Manager changes
    • Account merging into another account
    • Catalog changes
    • Price Profile changes or call Andrew Wiese at 763.383.9920.


    • Product Search – Search products and pricing available to ASCII members with full specifications and images
    • Product Comparisons – Use the detailed specifications to do side by side comparisons of up to four products.
    • Product Selectors – Product Selectors are available for Memory, Battery & Power, and Ink & Toner
    • Organizer – ability to create user notes and tasks
    • Favorites – Save products to your favorites list for quick retrieval