Release Notes

ChannelOnline Release 7.3.0

ChannelOnline 7.3

Release 7.3, released June 9, 2017, is the accumulation of many front end and back end improvements that will affect how users work within the application. Find out more about the latest features, changes, and fixes in ChannelOnline. Find out more about the latest features, changes, and fixes in ChannelOnline in the detailed notes below.

Purchase Orders

UI Update and Improvement

The new document design aligns with our sales document layout and provides more details about the PO, supplier, end customer, items, and tasks.

  • Updated header includes new fields for more detail: Delivery Status, Follow Up (date), Company (end customer), Contact (end customer), Email (end customer), Description, Tasks, Created By, and Amount.
  • To keep end customer information together, the end customer information link which takes users to the end customer details page for that transaction, was moved next to the End Customer account's name at the top of the header. This detail page is now available for all suppliers (electronic submission capability varies by supplier).
  • Added document level custom fields that are specific to purchase orders and sRMAs. These fields are not linked to, or populated from, any sales documents. Setup can be found in Admin > Global Custom Fields.
  • Custom delivery methods are now available for use on purchase orders by switching the default type on the custom shipper from customer to supplier (setup is available in Admin > Delivery Methods). These methods will then be available to be added to any supplier's delivery method drop down selections on the Supplier Edit page (accessed from Supplier View).

  • For line items on the product table data has been included to display original sales order quantity and cost from the sales order for buyers quick reference (helpful when using the supplier markup feature).
  • Edit line item on POs now allow manufacturer, category and contract # entries to be populated (similar to a sales order line item edit).
  • Expanded Line Action functions to have: Delete, Compare, Add to Catalog, Price History, Copy Line Item, and Print Selected.
  • Supplier contact email addresses stored in the database are available to be searched and quickly added to the Email function of the Delivery Window.
  • New updated print template capability for purchase orders has been added to the document templates section in Admin. Updated components for this release: Buyer Info, Custom Header Fields, Linked Documents, and End Customer Information.
  • On PO document results on the Purchase Order tab and the supplier view page you can now see the Conf # assigned to the documents listed.




Document Attachments

Two methods are now available for attaching files to purchase order documents (like quotes ad orders) in ChannelOnline.

  1. Attach external documents via links with an assigned link name.
  2. Upload a document into ChannelOnline with a document for later retrieval. 

Activity Log Entries

New for purchase orders, but similar to the Activity tab on quotes and orders, the activity log accessible at the top of the document will capture major document events as they happen. Events include, created and modified dates, added or deleted items, and shipping updates.

Handling Fees

Handling fees and minimum order fees can be added to the PO and displayed in the totals section of the document. The default fee can be established on the suppliers edit page and will automatically populate in the totals section on PO creation. When available ChannelOnline will update the amount directly from the supplier on supported autofulfill orders.

PO Linking Utility

Utility for linking purchase order line items to Sales Order line items. This utility is available on a line by line bases.

From the PO document you will find the plus icon when a line, or quantity of a line, does not fully link to an existing sales order. The Plus icon button takes users to a search window for locating eligible sales orders to link that item to. To be eligible for linking, the document/line item must meet all of the following criteria:

  1. Not already be linked to a PO (line item)
  2. Have an exact match on both Mfr Part # and Quantity
  3. Match the Selected Supplier (on the SO) and Supplier (on the PO)
  4. Target document must be a Sales Order or Invoice

The user will be able to browse the resulting matches, sorted by date, and choose a SO/line item to link that PO line to.



PO Reports now have two different types of reports that can be generated, graphed and saved for reuse or posting on the dashboard. Reports are accessed from the Reports section of the Control Panel on the left side of the page.

  1. Buyer - document level reports based on suppliers or users with more details like document links, confirmation numbers, created by and more subtotal options.
  2. Mfr Part # - line level details for manufacturers, supplier part numbers, Quantities, contract #s, serial, tracking, custom fields and more. 

Supplier View

We have updated the supplier view to have the familiar new look of the Account view. This new view has more available information about your supplier, contacts and activity. New modules and details include:

  • Settings (with more information and details).
  • Download Settings which contains user names and last download dates .
  • Supplier Actions like Create PO, Add Contact, View Catalog and PO Retrieval (when available).
  • Activity (New) for tracking main events and modifications similar to the Account View.
  • Organizer (New) for adding notes and tasks.
  • Return Address (New) to display the suppliers address for RMAs.
  • In Supplier Documents section at the bottom of the page, document results contain the assigned Confirmation # in the list.


Advanced Favorites

Upgraded company favorites functionality to allow for multiple company favorites to be assigned to a single accounts. This upgrade comes with the ability to view the complete list of favorites, add section headers, and add items to a document straight from the list view. Highlights include:

  • Creation of multiple Favorites Lists per end customer Account.
  • Ability for sales reps AND end customers to create and manage Favorites Lists.
  • Ability to edit the description of an item in a list.
  • Re-order headers and items within a list in create/edit mode.
  • Set items as selected by default for Add to Quote.
  • View list results page shows: Product images, section headers (editable by users), link for a replacement part when specified (new feature).
  • Favorites Admin list displays the last time a list was modified and by whom.
  • Multiple favorites can be viewed on the StoreSite for a single account.

Replacement Parts: Adding a replacement part number can be done on the item edit page for supported and custom items. Only one replacement part number can be assigned to an item and it will only appear on the Favorites list results page or the product page.



My Favorites

View complete list with multi-select compare Add to Quote functionality. Click on the arrow icon in the Control Panel to use the new complete list results page functionality.



Baseline integration functionality established between ChannelOnline and Salesforce for main CRM data synchronization. Includes:

  • Salesforce to COL user mapping
  • Leads import/export with probability and source details
  • Accounts and contacts synchronization with billing and shipping addresses
  • Credit and billing information
  • Opportunity to Quote creation with document item details
  • Opportunity to sales order conversation
  • Integration setup pages in COL, mapping fields, and logs
  • Synchronization scheduling and reports

For more details please contact our Support Team at

Other Integration Improvements

  • QuickBooks -
    • Updated PO export to allow users to select which documents, one by one, to export to QuickBooks. Previously it would alway do all documents.
    • Selection in the integration setup to make sending the additional tracking numbers to appear as lines in QuickBooks documents optional.
  • Autotask - Added error message when the user tries to add the job with the name that is already in use.
  • Great America - Shipping and tax inclusion on lease calculation


Blue Star

Upgraded to real-time Price & Availability. All resellers with Blue Star enabled will be able to automatically see an inventory breakdown when they select Live Cost and Availability on the product page or Live Cost on a document.


Synnex provides the capability to receive license orders electronically (already supported for Tech Data and Ingram Micro). In this release, we added the capability for a purchaser to submit end user info when ordering license SKUs from Synnex using our purchasing module. License SKUs will be placed on unique orders to capture the specific end user data. To facilitate these orders, ChannelOnline does the following:

  1. Identify the SKUs from Synnex's feed which are license products
  2. Provide a means for the purchaser to fill out the end user data within the PO. Additionally, allow them to insert the contact's information automatically if it's the same information.
  3. Electronically submit the order to Synnex with the additional end user details when required by license SKUs.

  • Freight Quote - Prior to submitting the PO, run a freight check direct with SYNNEX on lines with selected warehouses. All lines must have a warehouse selected to initiate the freight quote.
  • PO Retrieval - POs from Synnex that werent originally placed from ChannelOnline.
  • PO Update Button - get real-time status and line information on a PO submitted to SYNNEX that might have been on hold or updated before the automated update process could run.

Tech Data

When performing a real-time P&A check with Tech Data you can see volume discount pricing when available. This discount will be applied on PO submit if it is still within the discount's pricing window.


Updated XML schema can be reached at:

  • New XML functionality to assign favorite lists to customers/contacts
  • XML responses will have an attribute for users that designates if that user is a contact or not.
  • Custom field on Line Item Level and customer PO are working on importing of sales documents
  • Added a new option when exporting Quotes called "includeSavedCarts" that can be used to specified when Saved Carts are not needed


  • Product Items have the following options added to the item edit page that can be edited but users with access rights. To add either of the following details to an item go to the product page and click on the "Edit Item" link.
    • Discontinued Items - Mark items as discontinued so that end customers are aware that the product may not be available in the future.
    • Replacement Items - Designate a replacement part number for a specific product that will take users to the product page of the selected item.

  • In StoreSite Admin, checkboxes have been added in the Layout section to disable the following functions to hide them from pages on the store site: My Account, My Favorites, Reports, Help Center, Ask Sales, and Account Activity.
  • Company settings > Messaging is now in its own sub-tab with an expand and collapse button at the top that will expand all messaging sections.
  • Printing Taxes on documents has been upgraded to provide users with four options for displaying taxes. They are: don't show taxes, show only the combined tax amount, show the tax breakdown (example: state, county, city), or show both the breakdown and the combined total.
  • Added a "Discontinued" attribute that can be added on a per product basis. (in addition to replacement product)
  • sRMAs also have custom fields now.
  • Discount Off List capability on all document items w/ list price
  • Capture and display order submitter and order approver in the sales order document activity log (available via XML)
  • Reporting and Import/Export
  • Get currently assigned Account Managers (not the one that was assigned at the time of the order) on a sales report.
  • In Sales > Mrf Part #, a column selection was add to display the Purchase Order link on the report. This column displays the link to the PO from the line item on sales order or invoice.
  • On StoreSite Stats reporting added company and contacts search bar selections (one for each).
  • New export in the import/export wizard that generates a complete list of the items in the full catalog, or, catalog that they select. Catalog export has a frequency limitation to no more than one time per week. Data available for export will be basic and will not include CDS data or attributes. Identified fields include: Manufacturer Name, Mfr Part #, Description, Category, Sub-category, and List Price.
  • Invoice custom fields are available on the Sales Report results.
  • Placed StoreSite quote and cart custom fields into their own row in the header.


  • Rectified an issue on POs where items made while editing a line if you clicked on the product description to view the product page.
  • Symbol for Manual line items (purple pentagon) not being used in documents.
  • Tax values are different in document and print preview.
  • Employees showing up in Transfer Accounts page, under dropdown for Transfer To. This may result in the message "please choose different salesreps" showing up when that message should not be.