Release Notes

ChannelOnline Release 7.4.0

Customer Release Notes

ChannelOnline 7.4

Release 7.4 focuses on backend improvements that will affect how companies can integrate ChannelOnline with 3rd party systems and some key supplier updates. Find out more about the latest features, changes, and fixes in ChannelOnline in the detailed notes below.


Multiple Viewer Notification

Ever wonder if maybe someone else is working on the same document as you? Now you can see which other ChannelOnline user has a document or account as their most recent document. At the top of the page, a small button icon will show the user's initials that has the document or account in the active tab of their session. Internal users are shown in the button with the teal background and storesite users have a green background.


Product Line Items


Display of discontinued and replacement information on the document line item. To add this product information go to the product edit page from the product view page for an item.



Last Modified Triggers

The number of different events/changes made to a Quote or Order document that will trigger a Last Modified update as been greatly increased. The following events now trigger the update:
  • Global custom field at the header level (when updated via the UI)(will also create a record in the activity log)
  • Global custom field at the line level (when updated via the UI)
  • Global custom field at the bundle line level (when updated via the UI)
  • Ship to address (when updated via the UI)
  • Delivery method (when updated via the UI)
  • Bundling/Unbundling items
  • Sales Order cancelled
  • Payment method (when updated via the UI)
  • Payment terms (when updated via the UI)
  • SO (Sales Order Header) Detail Item Note (when updated via the UI)
  • SOL (Sales Order Line) Description (when updated via the UI)
  • SOL Item Type (when updated via the UI)
  • SOL Distributor Changed (when updated via the UI)
  • Status changes e.g. Open->Submitted Changed (when updated via the UI)
The number of different events/changes at the line level made to a Purchase Order document that will trigger a Last Modified update as been increased. They include: Item Notes, Quantity, Price, List Price, Warehouse, and Contract Number.


Account Settings

  • Added a new email field called Notification Email to Accounts for sending notifications to users or groups that are not the account manager. The field is located on the Account company edit page under the employees assignments and is titled "Notification Email". To use this added account data value, you will need to add the new merge field called <customer_notification_email> to your system generated email templates. Templates are located in Admin > System Email > System Generated.


  • Customize your customer's store experience by uploading their logo in the account edit page. The logo will then be available to be used in the StoreSite co-brand location in the left hand column layout.

Advanced Favorites

Advanced Favorites
This upgrade comes with:
  • Expanded the assigning of Favorites Lists to individual contacts and not just to the company.
  • Ability to select an item quantity from the Favorites List before adding the item to the cart.
  • On the product page of an item you can see what favorites lists it has been added to by selecting the "Favorites List" sub-tab in the supplier and specifications section.
  • From the Favorites Admin landing page you can click on the number in the accounts column and go directly to the list of assigned accounts.
  • Recycle bin functionality is now included with the Advanced Favorites list page. Restore deleted lists from the recycle bin if needed.

VIEW WINDOW - Add QTY before adding to cart.


Baseline integration functionality established between ChannelOnline and SalesForce for main CRM data synchronization Includes: user mapping, leads, accounts, contacts, Opportunity and synchronization job scheduling. Updates:
  • Dashboard display page that gives transaction, session and error count of recently synced items.
  • Ability to search and delete previous mappings.
  • Support for Custom Item export from the COL document.
  • Handling of Object deletion after integration and restoration.
  • Mapping support for COL document fields to custom fields in Salesforce: GP%, GP$, Taxed Subtotal, Nontaxable Subtotal, Total Amount.
  • Added a trigger to automatically update the SF opportunity to "Closed Won" when the Quote is converted to a Order in ChannelOnline.
  • Improved error logging with log download.
  • Additional minor bug fixes

Other integration improvements: 
  • Quickbooks
    • Ability to map suppliers in COL to vendors in QuickBooks with the ability to sync multiple suppliers to the same QB vendor.

  • Autotask 
    • Import a ChannelOnline document as a PDF onto your Autotask opportunity.
    • Updates to Dashboard page to improve accuracy on transactions and account reports.

    For more details please contact our Support Team at  


Supplier View Settings

Added a field to the supplier account record to capture the available credit amount that can be updated along with the supplier given credit limit via XML through update_suppliercredit_request.xsd. The update feature is not directly supported by suppliers but is available for use by resellers that has access to the information. Both fields are editable on Supplier edit page but available credit is not being tracked or updated automatically.

Support for the electronic submitting of end user contact data which is required to certain purchase orders.
Upgraded to real-time Price & Availability. All resellers with Westcom/Comstor enabled will be able to automatically see an inventory breakdown when they select Live Cost and Availability on the product page or Live Cost on a document.
Updated support for SYNNEX promotion coverage in both US and Canada.
Tech Data
When performing a real-time P&A check with Tech Data you can see volume discount pricing when available. This discount will be applied on PO submit if it is still within the discount's pricing window.

Import/Export UPDATES

Updated XML schema can be reached at:

New flat file imports have also been added:



  • Category breakouts now include separate category listings for the following categories when supporting attribute data is available:
    • From Desktops & Servers: Workstations, Servers, Desktops
    • From CE Options: Cart, Mounting Kit, Desk Mount
    • From Monitors: Medical Grade Monitors

  • StoreSite - Added the ability in the StoreSite Admin layout section to disable the legend and to hide the Logout link when users are logged in using an outside authentication method (like punchout).

  • Ledger Code support for accounting - take your internal accounting ledger codes for product categories, services and labor and map them to supported categories in ChannelOnline. Ledger field has also been made available in sales reports.

  • Reporting 
    • Added a new Date Type to Sales Reports called Paid Date to run a report based on when documents have been paid.
    • Updated StoreSite statistics report that shows multiple (all) customers' total page views with the detail of all the customers broken down separately.
  • Support Cases
    • Users can now view support cases that they have logged with the ChannelOnline support team. A new section has been added to the bottom of the left control panel called Support. Selecting Support will open up the View Cases section where you will have access to all the cases you have logged. You can then filter by date and status.
    • A new access right, called "Access to all Support Cases",was add for managers so they can view all cases for their company.

Bug Fixes

  • When two Supplier RMAs were created from same line item both RMA numbers are represented on the link, not just the original RMA number.
  • Exported Invoices via XML was not properly updating the link back to the SO (linkedItemId) consistently.
  • Line numbering issue on print when using Linked Lines has been corrected, the link number now updates based on the actual line numbers presented in the print preview and not the internal line numbering.
  • Resolved a browser print issue with the application of red text on product comparison print/pdf conversion.
  • Sales Orders, when paid by a check now updates Credit Available amount when invoice is created. The amount of the SO will go against the credit available balance and the invoice amount paid will apply back to the available credit balance.
  • Supplier default contact name for is now displaying on Ingram Micro purchase order document header.
  • Resolved a Shopping Engine Export file generation problem where the the file never finishes being build when it is including bundle and configuration items.