Release Notes

ChannelOnline Release 7.5.0

Customer Release Notes

ChannelOnline 7.5

Release 7.5 focused on some minor UI and backend improvements, with the addition of two new suppliers. Find out more about the latest features, changes, and fixes in ChannelOnline.

Access Rights

Updates to Access Rights profiles are as follows:

  • Specific access right for the ability to delete accounts, contacts and documents that a user has access to based on permissions. The two new settings are: "Delete documents a user has access to", and "Delete accounts a user has access to".
  • User ability to Lock or Lock and Mark for Export on a sales documents. "Ability to lock or lock and mark for export: Quotes, Sales Orders, Invoices and RMAs" 
    NOTE: These rights are available by default for Admin SalesRep - Buyer and Admin SalesRep.


Accounts & Contacts

Account Settings

  • Restricting an account contact's ability to see other contacts address on the storesite. A new setting was added at the account level that restricts users ability to see all addresses. A second setting was added to the contact to allow them to access the company addresses when the restriction to see others addresses is in place. The customer import file was updated with a field to indicate access type "All" or Own" in support of this new setting.
  • Billing and shipping addresses indicator is now included to show when an address is associated with an individual contact. The contact name will be seen in brackets at the end of the description (example [contact name]).

  • Set tax certificate expirations at the account level and receive a warning when it expires. Once the certificate has expired, the tax being calculated on the quote and order documents will revert to the default tax profile setting for that ship to location.

Catalogs & Products

Improved General Ledger Classes/Code assigning to include new 'Item Type' for mapping. Default item type values have been generated for reporting consistency, they are: Product (Hardware), Software, Service, (old and new items), Labor (old and new items), Warranty, Maintenance, and License. These values are exportable via full catalog export, document export, and XML document export.


Sales Documents

  • Create and apply an alphanumeric prefix, or suffix, to Quotes/Orders, Proposals, and Invoices. This is a Company Setting under Documents for each document type, and therefore global in application. Details are below.
    • Basic Functionality:
      • Enable the use of a static five-character alphanumeric prefix or suffix on your quote and order documents. The text field accepts the use of dots, dashes and underscores. This additional text will be added to documents created after activation is set, and will limit the maximum document number length to 13. (Use the Bulk Update feature to update all prior documents with the entry provided.)
      • Radio buttons are used to select either Prefix or Suffix.
      • Alphanumeric text field, five-charcharacter max, must have at least one non-numeric value to enter text before/after the document number (Note: the use of symbols may cause errors to occur with some 3rd party integrations. Please check with that application before applying this change.)
      • This field is fixed and not editable on the documents.

    • Batch updates for documents:
      • Added a new tab for documents in the Batch Update section.
      • Supports the all-sales documents we allow for number range changes. Quotes, Sales Orders, Invoices and Proposals. 
      • Initial application is to "Apply current document number format". The format will include the padding, and the prefix/suffix are under company settings.
    • Set the maximum document number length with padding by using zeros. This may be used on its own or with a prefix or suffix. Example: a document numbered 3518 with a padding length of 10 will look like 0000003518.
  • Users with the ability to Lock sales documents from within a document will see a Lock / Unlock button in the footer next to the Send button.
  • Proposals can be assigned the Leasing Payment option based on the total of all the attached quotes.
  • Ability to assign supported suppliers to manual line items, no longer just to custom suppliers.

Purchase Orders

Users with the ability to Lock purchase orders from within a document will see a Lock / Unlock and Mark for Export combined button in the footer next to the Send button.


Updates were made to the Salesforce integration to include: 
  • Use of the Sales Order document in Salesforce when the quote becomes an order in ChannelOnline.
  • Set the Stage on an opportunity when its converted to SO (previous setting was to convert to Closed Won).
  • Support for Service and Labor items including frequency, start, and end dates.
  • Parent / child account relationship indicator.
  • Email notification of synchronization job results when errors occur.
  • Updated custom field mapping options: Electronic signature (E-sign) field for opportunity and sales order, Shipping Amount, Shipping Cost, Tax Rate %, Tax Amount, Miscellaneous Amount, and Item Cost.

Supplier Updates

HM Cragg

New supplier with both catalog and real-time P&A

HM Cragg offers quality power solutions to customers in support of their critical power systems and applications. They provide exceptional power quality technical support, world class products, and outstanding installation and maintenance service of uninterruptible power systems, power electronics, power quality products, backup battery applications and other complementary products. Philosophy - “We strive to manage our business using servant-leadership principles as we meet the needs of our employee-owners, suppliers, customers, and the public.”

V2 Technologies

New Supplier with catalog and price file support

V2 Technologies has proudly been serving the Reseller, VAR and OEM Channels for over 25 years. Specializing in Compatible Memory, Optical Transceivers, Networking Memory and Fiber Optic cables. Trusted by Fortune 500, Government, and financial Institutions across the globe. It’s a true testament to their commitment to quality, and compatibility. V2 Technologies was the first to establish a Lifetime Replacement warranty in the Networking Transceivers market. They cover all compliance needs from TAA compliancy to Networking product datasheets. All Sales Associates have the expertise to help identify your customer needs and offer price saving alternatives. Contact your Sales Associate to help with a prompt response regarding volume pricing for any Hardware request.

Ingram Micro

Ingram Micro is now offering financing
At Ingram Micro, our goal is to help you with the tools and resources to grow your business.  By leveraging our quoting integration with ChannelOnline, your sales team can include monthly payment solutions with just a click of a button!  Learn more about how you can offer a flexible financing on all of your quotes. 

Import/Export Updates

Updated XML schema can be reached at:

In Admin Import / Export:
  • Purchase Order mark for export capability has been integrated into the XML Tool and functions like the Sales Order mark for export and lock functionality. Search by export status and date range to locate the documents needing to be marked.

  • Ability to update Invoice Payments via the export_document_request.
  • A new element called 'dropship' has been added to 'COItem' for line level dropship flag in export_documents_response to be transmitted.
  • New account field element called AccountAddressAccess for either "All", the current default setting, or "own" for the new contact-only user right. 

Additional Improvements

  • Company Information address management (user results list and separate edit page). Added results page for addressed to the company settings with: edit, copy, delete, and address type selections available.
  • Document billing address available as merge field for use in email templates.
  • Documents Sent via the delivery window will be logged in both the document's activity log (internal only, not with store site users) and the internal users activity log.
  • Inline calculator function is available on the Standard Plus view.
  • Updated support Help Center functionality and documentation.
  • The notes options checkbox in the delivery window print settings will also control SO notes that get transferred to Invoices.
  • Added List Price to sales reports by Mfr Part #.

Bug Fixes

  • Supplier category mapping cleanup.
  • Fixed an incorrect page numbering issue in the Organizer results window.
  • Reminder and Due dates for a task can no longer be set for past dates.
  • Resolved a display inconsistency on favorites list custom items showing MSRP price of $0.00 on the list page but a numeric value when you view it on the product page.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented $0.00 priced bundles from being purchased on the store site. Zero-priced bundles can now be added to quotes and purchased by an end customer contact on the store site.
  • Document number sequencing could get out of order when documents were being created only via XML (not through the UI).

Added Documentation
Salesforce Integration Guide and video