Release Notes

ChannelOnline Release 5.9.0

The 5.9 release of ChannelOnline brings new contract bid and quote improvements along with a series of back-end changes to enhance functionality and the business process experience.


Bid Pricing Enhancements

ChannelOnline 5.9 introduces an updated method to enable bid / contract support on a supplier by supplier basis. This can be activated on the supplier setup page in Admin > Suppliers for any configured suppliers you have. Enabling this checkbox will expose a new column in the sourcing view of your quotes that allows you to record a contract / bid number for each line. There are three distinct methods for importing an adjusted cost with associated bid number:

  • Configure a Contract Supplier via Admin > Suppliers > Contract Suppliers
  • Import a complete quote via the Generic Config Import Template
  • Edit a line directly in the user interface and type in a bid number and adjusted cost by clicking the 'edit' button

Bid pricing imported via the Contract Suppliers setup and import now offers several new columns to be imported. These columns are commonly found in HP Volume Big Deal letters such as Remaining Deal Quantity, Minimum Order Quantity, etc. If you choose to import these new columns, ChannelOnline will keep track of your ordering activity and notify you if you attempt to purchase too many or too few of any product for that contract.

Also new to the Contract Import screen (and available on all import types) is the ability to set a static value to be imported for all values of a given column. If the file you are importing is missing a required column, and you wish to enter the same value for all rows of that column, you can now click the 'Enter Value' button and set a static value for that entire column. This is especially handy if you are importing a HP Volume letter and your file is missing the Manufacturer Name column. Column: Manufacturer Name > Enter Value > 'Hewlett-Packard'.

The ability to submit POs electronically to Tech Data, Ingram Micro, and Synnex has also been developed.


Contract Supplier template fields:
  • Mfr Name
  • Mfr Part #
  • Cost
  • Sell Price
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Max Deal Qty
  • Remaining Qty
  • Min Order Qty
  • List Price



Generic Import Template

ChannelOnline has vastly expanded the capabilities of the Generic Config Import template. The new generic config import file can be used to import any field currently available for editing in the ChannelOnline user interface.

In order to test this feature, you'll first need to enable Config Imports at: Admin > Company Settings > Generic Import = Enabled

Once you've enabled the generic import template, you will see a new link on our quotes called 'Add a Config' to the right of the 'Add Product' search box. In the window that opens, you can download the sample file, which includes instructions on how to use the file in the notes column. When you're ready to import the contents of the file, use the 'Add a Config' window and choose your updated file using the on-screen menus within the 'Add a Config' window.



Merge Quotes

ChannelOnline can now copy the line items from previous quotes, sales orders, Invoices, or POs into your currently open quote. Start a new customer quote, and then click the 'Merge Into this Document' link at the bottom of the quote screen.

You'll be prompted with several document search tools to assist you in locating an existing document to copy. Try each method. You may select one or more documents to merge into your active document. Before importing, be sure to tell ChannelOnline how to handle duplicate line items and whether or not to refresh pricing on the imported items.

Merge Quote Lightbox


Quote Pricing Tools

ChannelOnline has added one completely new inline pricing tool and modified the document-wide pricing tool we added in 2012.

The new inline tool is a line item pricing calculator. In order to use this calculator, click the new calculator icon to the right of the Unit Price column in your quotes. You'll be prompted to make a pricing adjustment for that line using the rates and methods previously only available in the Price Profile admin. These include set price, margin, and markup.

The pricing feature that we've changed is the 'Change all items Margin/Markup percentage' tool. This tool no longer sets a document-wide price adjustment unless you tell it to. In order to use this tool now, you must first check each box to the left of the line item you wish to modify. This change will make it easier to adjust granular pricing for groups of lines at a time.


List Price Edit

The 5.9 Release has added the ability to change list prices for products on a per-document basis.



Supplies Network

Supplies Network has added new support for real-time price and availability checks. To enable, go to Admin > Suppliers > Supplies Network > Edit, add your Contact ID (provided by Suppliers Network), check enable, and click save.




  • Ability for Autotask users to activate the Taskfire client portal in a tab on your StoreSite. Enable Taskfire by providing the client portal url in the Autotask setup and then activating it in the components section within StoreSite Administration.



  • Added the ability for ChannelOnline to create tax groups in Quickbooks instead of tax items. The new tax groups will be created with city, state, and county tax rates included inside them.
  • Quickbooks customers now have the option to receive SO / PO links when exporting Sales Orders, Invoices, or POs to Quickbooks.
  • Added support for Canadian tax codes.


General Items


  • Added support for international addresses
  • Added support for UPC codes. UPC codes will appear automatically on all of your product pages and are available in Search Engine Export fields
  • Added the ability to make copies of existing bundles and configs via the Products Admin
  • Added the option to enable the Trustwave security seal currently visible in ChannelOnline admin on your customer-facing stores via the StoreSite Admin at: Settings > Messaging
  • Removed one of the line item edit buttons from the document edit screen. There is now only one line item edit button on documents, which allows you to edit all information about that line from the same page
  • Now provide the ability to run a customer report and get the ship to locations in the report; with the added ability to group results by customer / customer ship to location.


  • Fixed an issue which caused coupon discounts over a thousand dollars to be calculated incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue that would not allow users to see the RMA tab if they could submit, but not approve RMAs.