Customers of ChannelOnline are entitled to free online training sessions.

If you haven't had a chance to follow this introductory training, or have but would like to take a refresher course, we strongly encourage you to participate in one of our trainings or view a tutorial video, to make sure that you take full advantage of ChannelOnline's many features.

This page lists a number of free resources designed to help you better understand and utilize ChannelOnline. Once you have registered, a confirmation message containing your login ID and password to access the demo will be e-mailed to you.

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Live Training 1

  • Configuring and managing Company Settings
  • Editing your full product catalog & creating custom catalogs
  • Configuring Tax Profiles

Live Training 2

  • Managing customer accounts and applying specific settings
  • Creating quotes and orders
  • Processing purchase orders

Live Training 3

Price Profiles
  • Creating price profiles and assigning them to individual customers
  • Managing price profile rules
  • Establishing end customer prices and preferred suppliers

Live Training 4

Products Admin/Search Engine
  • Creating and managing custom products
  • Creating bundles
  • Utilizing the search engine, including best practices

Live Training 5

Storesite Admin/Storesite
  • Configuring the Storesite
  • Storesite features and functionality
  • Private vs. Public storesites