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Custom Suppliers

A custom supplier is any non-integrated source of items, goods and/or services, that you want to include in your catalogs and/or as a procurement source in ChannelOnline (including products and services supplied by your organization).

Information on setting up suppliers that ChannelOnline is not integrated with.

Before manually adding or uploading item information, you must first set up the associated custom supplier.


  1. Click on the Custom Suppliers tab, and then the Add Custom Supplier button. This will take you to the Create New Supplier page.
  2. In the Create New Supplier page, fill in the Supplier Information, and then click the Next button.
  3. Complete the Supplier Contact Information, and then click the Finish button.

Once the supplier is created then product files can be imported. Refer to the Import / Expoert section for more information.
These fields are required for a supplier product import: Mfr Name, Mfr Part Number, Description, Supplier Cost, and Supplier Part Number.