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Supported Suppliers

ChannelOnline Supplier Set Up Instructions

There are four types of suppliers in ChannelOnline:

  1. Supported suppliers (addressed here, wholesalers that ChannelOnline is pre-integrated with)
  2. Custom suppliers (suppliers that ChannelOnline is not integrated with)
  3. Contract suppliers (which aren’t really suppliers but simply price and availability files for specific end customer contracts)
  4. Archived suppliers (record of suppliers that have been deactivated)


Supported Supplier Activation

ChannelOnline is pre-integrated with the following suppliers:

  • Accutech Data 
  • Arbitech
  • Arlington
  • Arrow ECS 
  • B2X Global
  • Black Box Corporation
  • Blue Star 
  • Cisco 
  • Climb Channel Solutions
  • Core 3 Technologies
  • Creative Business Solutions
  • D&H 
  • Dexxon Digital Storage
  • Essendant
  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • HM Cragg 
  • Ingram Micro
  • Jenne
  • Netria
  • ScanSource
  • Stampede
  • Supplies Network
  • Synergy Associates
  • Tech Data 
  • Tech Data TS 
  • V2 Technologies
  • Westcon/Comstor

For information on support levels refer to

ChannelOnline requires you to provide relevant supplier account settings, such as file locations, user names and passwords, in order to display your custom pricing and availability. The information you provide is kept confidential. If you need additional assistance regarding a specific supplier, please contact ChannelOnline Support or their ecommerce support team directly.
NOTE: The information collected here is used ONLY to retrieve your custom pricing information or process electronic orders (via FTP and/or real-time catalog download).

To activate a supported supplier

  1. Click on the Admin menu in the Control Panel in the left hand navigation bar, and then click on the Supplier section within it. This will open the CNET Supported Suppliers page.

  2. Click on the Account Setup icon of the supplier you want to activate.

  3. Enter the required supplier account information, click the Enable Supplier box, and hit the Save button. Other availabe activation options may be present:
    • Import promo cost as cost when available.
    • Show promo info for this supplier. IF yes, the promotion information and icon will appear on the product page and in the supplier view on the document.
    • Enable Contracts. Allows contract codes to be applied through contract supplier imports and at the line level.
    Once you have hit the Save button, ChannelOnline will immediately attempt to connect to the supplier and upload your pricing and availability into ChannelOnline.

    NOTE: It can take up to 24 hours for the system to initially add the supplier information to your Full Catalog depending on the supplier, and size of the file(s).

    The status of the connection attempt will be shown in the Download / Import Status column.
    If the download is successful, the following message will be displayed: File dated [current date] completed successful download [(Date; Time)] - import completed.
    If, at its completion, the attempt to connect and/or download the file was unsuccessful, a message advising you of this will be displayed.
  4. ChannelOnline will automatically attempt to retrieve updated price and availability information from each enabled supported supplier on a nightly basis once a successful connection is confirmed. Information regarding the status of each attempt will be displayed on the main Supported Supplier page. 

  5. Repeat Steps 2-4 for each supplier you wish to activate in ChannelOnline.


Common Supported Supplier Error Messages

Trouble shooting – Resaving Credentials



Updating Supplier Information

To update supplier information such as address, sales rep, credit terms, from the Supported Supplier page in Admin or the Suppliers Tab in the top navigation click on the name of the supplier that needs to be edited. This opens the supplier view page.

Supplier View contains overview information about your supplier, contacts and activity. View modules and details include:
  • Settings with more information and details. New fields include the ability to assign a Purchasing Manager and default delivery Methods.
  • Download Settings which contains user names and last download dates.
  • Supplier Actions like Create PO, Add Contact, View Catalog and PO Retrieval (when available).
  • Activity* for tracking main events and modifications similar to the Account View.
  • Organizer* for adding notes and tasks.
  • Return Address* to display the suppliers address for RMAs .

In Supplier Documents section at the bottom of the page, document results contain the assigned Confirmation # in the list.

Click on the edit icon of in any widget reach the edit page.