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Supplier Contract Uploads


Supplier Contract Uploads (a.k.a Contract suppliers) are not really suppliers but simply price and availability files for specific end customer contracts.


SKUs and pricing for specific end customer contracts from supported suppliers can be uploaded into ChannelOnline to be used in applicable instances. Some common examples of when contract supplier activation is necessary are:

  • To enable the ability to upload contract pricing from a supported supplier, you must first check the Enable Contracts box in the Supplier’s Account Settings page, and hit the Save button.
  • You will then be returned to the main Suppliers page. Click on the Contract Suppliers tab.
  • Click the Add Contract Pricing Supplier button.
  • Select the applicable supplier from the Supplier Dropdown list. Note: Only suppliers (supported or custom) that are enabled as Contract Suppliers will be listed (refer to setting up supported and custom suppliers).
  • Check the Enable box. Enter the Contract Name, and the Contract # and/or Contract Duration when applicable. Click on the Save button.
  • Click the Import File button. This will take you to page one of the Contract Pricing Import Wizard.

    1. For Step One of the Contract Pricing Import Wizard, click on Sample File. Open the sample .tsv file to view the required file content and format. Recommendation: To make the upload process simpler, organize the file you want to upload into the required structure according to the sample file. Note: you will have the ability to map fields later if you skip this step.

    2. Select the File Type to be imported. Click the Browse button.

    3. Select the file to be uploaded and then click the Next button. This will forward you to Step 2 of the Contract Pricing Import Wizard. Note: Be sure to check the applicable box if your file includes a header row.
      Supported file types include: .tsv, .csv, .xls, .xlsx.

    4. ChannelOnline enables you to map the fields of your file to those within ChannelOnline and then save the mapping rules as an Import Profile for future use and convenience. If this is your first time uploading contract pricing, the default for the field will be [New Profile] which will be your only option. In this instance you will not need to do anything for this field. If you have already created and saved a previous Import Profile that corresponds with the format of the file you want to import, you can select it within the drop down.

    5. When uploading a contract file, you need to choose whether you want to delete the previously uploaded file and replace it with the new upload, or simply update pricing and/or add new SKUs and pricing to the file on record within ChannelOnline. To do this, click the applicable button.

    6. Map the import fields to ChannelOnline standards. Do this by clicking on the import field and corresponding ChannelOnline field, and then clicking the Map To ChannelOnline button for each field. Once mapped, you can save the mapping logic for future use by naming and saving it as an Import Profile. Once the Import Profile is saved it will be available for selection in the Import Profile dropdown. When ready, start the import process by clicking the Start Import button. Replace with full screenshot

    7. The import process may take some time, depending on file size. A status bar will be shown and you can change the default parameters for page refresh by clicking the Auto-Refresh page button and entering the interval desired.

    8. When the upload process is complete, a message will be shown indicating how many records were imported successfully and how many were rejected. If records were rejected, a Show Errorlog button will appear. Click the Show Errorlog button for details on why they were rejected.

    9. Hit the Exit button to return to the main Admin Screen.