Tips and Tricks

Assigning Multiple Catalogs to an Account

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Users have the ability to assign multiple product catalogs to the same or different client(s). Each catalog can be customized and directed towards a particular customer market or target categories. Catalogs can be assigned to an account in two ways.

From Catalog Admin
To add / assign a catalog to a particular account:

  • From the main Amin control panel go to Catalog Admin
  • Select the “Assign” icon next to the catalog you wish to add to the account
  • Choose the name of the account or select “Browse All” for a list of all accounts
  • On this screen you can Add / Delete the accounts to and from this catalog and Save 

From Account View
The user can also assign a catalog to a customer at the account level.

  • From the “Account View” > Settings, select the Edit icon (pencil)
  • Scroll to “Product Catalog” and add the catalog from the left column to the Assign column on the right 
  • Be sure to hit Save once you are done

Assigning Multiple Catalogs to an Account