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Product Discontinuation and Replacement

Monday, April 16, 2018

Items that will be or are discontinued from a manufacturer or supplier can be labeled as Discontinued at the item level. Both the Discontinued label and the items replacement SKU can be displayed on the product page and on a quote document.

To enable this feature: 

  • Go to the discontinued item's product page.  
  • On the right side of the page and above the Supplier Cost table, click on the "Edit Item" icon link to open the edit page.
  • On the "Products: Edit item" page, under the "Optional" section, locate the "Discontinued" listing and click the "Yes" radio button.
  • If desired, type in the replacement (manufacturer number) part for the discontinued item in the Replacement Part search box. The system will begin searching the full product catalog after three charaters have been entered into the box.
  • Once the replacement item has been located, select the item from the list of results and then click "Save" at the bottom of the edit page.

The item is now marked as "Discontinued' and will display both the label and the selected replacement SKU. When adding that item on a quote or sales order, the user will see the "DISCOUNTINUED" designation and the replacement part underneath the line item description. Clicking on the replacement part number will take the user to the replcement item's product page. 


Product Discontinuation and Replacement