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Tag creation and assignment

Monday, April 17, 2017

Tags are available within ChannelOnline to identify, group, and sort similar or related items. Tags follow a root directory format and are used for the sorting of Service and Labor items along with Notes and Tasks in the Organizer. During the creation of these items you can assign them tags as a reference points for filtering and sorting.

Tags for all items are created from the Control Panel > Admin > Company Settings > Manage Tags.

To create a tag for any for the above mentioned items:

  • Select "Add tag" and enter a name for the tag to be created. Saving this will take the user back to the start page.
  • Hover over the tag to rename or add another tag.
  • Select "Add tag under current tag" icon and enter a name for the tag you would like to nest under the first. Save your selection. Additional tags can be nested in the same manner.
  • All tags created under the initial (root) tag can be displayed by clicking the "+" next to the tag name.

To assign a tag to a Service or Labor item:

  • Go to the Service or Labor tab from the "Control Panel" under "Items Admin".
  • Click on the edit icon next to a Service or Labor position.
  • Scroll to "Categories and Tags".
  • Select the associated tag and "Save".

To assign a tag to a Note or Task:

  • Go to or create/edit a note or task.
  • Near the top of the note/task, select the tag button.
  • Start typing the tag name or click on the down arrow for the tag list.
  • Select the tag and "Save".

Tag creation and assignment